Dangers of Binge Watching

5 Dangers of Binge Watching for Mental Health. What is Binge Watching?

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Binge Watching usually attacks people who like watching tv shows and tv series, For example, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Orange Is the New Black or Korean dramas? How much time do you usually spend watching the series?

Dangers of Binge Watching

If you spend time watching one television series season at a time, you could say you are exposed to the binge-watching phenomenon. Binge watching means watching television continuously until sometimes you don’t remember the time. In this increasingly sophisticated era, you no longer have to wait too long to wait for the next episode of your favourite series.

Thanks to streaming service providers, you can keep watching episodes from start to finish at once. It makes it easier for someone to watch his favourite movie series or wide-screen. Not a few people later become addicted.

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Streaming service providers for feature films and series are starting to change how we watch. The words “To be continued…” at the end of the episode are no longer a problem for you.

Simply by subscribing to streaming services on various platforms, you can access thousands of movies and television series that you can watch anytime and anywhere. There are no ads and a maximum limit on how many episodes you can enjoy.

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These streaming services make many people spend time watching for hours at a time, without a break. This phenomenon is also known as binge watching and can occur in all ages.

When you watch a television series or movie you like, your brain subconsciously releases the hormone dopamine. This hormone will make you feel comfortable and happy, which leads to satisfaction.

The more you watch, the higher the dopamine levels in the body. When one episode is over, you may feel addicted to getting the fun back and eventually moving on to the next episode.

You can repeat the cycle every time you finish a watch and start with a new watch. If left unchecked, this circle can hurt your health.

The impact of binge watching on mental health

For those of you who have a hobby of binge watching, you should start reducing it. The reason, this activity can be detrimental to health.

The following are the consequences of binge watching that might occur.

Bad behaviour and antisocial traits

If binge-watching starts as a child, it can affect how they interact with other people. Children who spend more time watching movies tend to exhibit antisocial behaviour and other personality disorders.

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In adults, binge watching can also affect their social relationships. When you are addicted to watching, a person may not care about the people around him, both family and friends.

The risk of gaining weight to obesity

Watching television series will undoubtedly be more exciting if accompanied by a snack—especially high-calorie snacks, such as buttered popcorn or potato chips.

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Don’t be surprised if your scales are growing by eating high-calorie foods and still sitting for hours in front of the television or other devices.

Calories will continue to increase without being able to be removed from the body and become a pile of fat. That then causes weight gain and increases the risk of obesity.

The risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease

Watching television more than two hours per day is said to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The problem is, you’ll just be sitting all the time and barely moving.

This sedentary lifestyle (lack of movement) will make it difficult for the body to burn calories and carbohydrates that have entered. As a result, there will be a buildup that endangers health.

Decreased sperm count

For men, the dangers of binge-watching can affect fertility levels. One study showed that men who spent more than 20 hours per week had lower sperm counts.

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It may occur because watching makes a person not move much and does not move from his seat, increasing the temperature of the testicles. As a result, sperm production can decrease.

Early death

Adults who spend more than three hours per day watching can have an increased risk of premature death. This opinion is evidenced in a study conducted on 13 thousand participants and published in the journal of the American Heart Association.

Doing this activity can also interfere with sleep. Not infrequently, people are willing to stay up late to continue one more episode.

Tips to avoid binge watching

If you have a hobby of watching wide-screen films or series without stopping, consider the following tips so that you avoid the harmful effects of binge watching:

  • Limit the number of episodes to watch, e.g. stop watching after two or three episodes. Establish this self-discipline, so you don’t watch too much. After the specified episode ends, you should immediately turn off the television or device you are watching and switch to another activity.
  • Balance watching activities with other activities, such as exercising, reading, or doing your other hobbies.
    Turn on the light while watching. In addition to protecting your eyes, you can also see the clock clearly and not watch too much.
  • Limit your viewing duration. If you find it difficult to calculate the time, you can take advantage of your phone’s alarm or timer feature.
    Choose a healthy snack if you like to eat while watching—for example, fruit or salad.
  • Watch with friends or family. This step can help increase your interactions with other people, so you don’t isolate yourself.
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If you only do it occasionally for a particular duration, binge watching is not a problem. But if done continuously, this viewing activity can be detrimental to your physical and mental health.

By knowing the harmful effects of binge watching, you are expected to be more alert and be able to limit yourself. Don’t let this fun hobby ruin your health in the future.

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