benefits of getting married for health

What are you waiting for? Here are 5 benefits of getting married

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The benefits of getting Married were very influential on health. More than that, people are believed to have a longer life by getting married. Improved mental health is also one of the benefits of marriage. Is that true?

The benefits of getting married for health

benefits of getting married for health

According to several studies, marriage for health is true. Besides being physically beneficial, getting married also has a positive effect on the mental health of each partner.

Here are some benefits that you can get when you decide to marry the right person, according to research:

Improve immune function

According to many studies, happiness in relationships can improve immune function, including in marriage. In a happy relationship, the hormone cortisol tends to be released in lower amounts.

Cortisol itself is a stress hormone. When the body produces this hormone in excess, the stress you feel will increase and disrupt immune function.

When your immune function runs well, your risk of getting infected with viruses or bacteria that cause disease will be reduced. This condition allows you and your partner to live longer.

Increased desire to live healthily

When married, most people will generally start to live healthier lives. According to several studies, married couples have a more nutritious diet than single people.

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Besides diet, married couples also change their lifestyle to be healthier. In addition, married couples regularly consult a doctor more often than single people.

Better mental health than before marriage

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Lack of support when dealing with problems makes single people more vulnerable to mental health problems. If you are married, your partner will certainly be ready to provide support when a storm of problems hits you. This support puts married people at a lower risk of depression, loneliness and social isolation than single people with the same level of issues.

Reduce the risk of heart attack

Getting married can reduce the risk of you and your partner developing heart disease. It can obtain the benefits of this one through sex. Having sex lowers the risk of heart disease by balancing estrogen and testosterone levels.

When these two hormones have an amount that is too low, the risk of developing heart disease will increase. In addition to heart disease, this condition makes you and your partner vulnerable to osteoporosis.

Maintain blood pressure

Through sex, getting married can keep your blood pressure from being excessive. According to a study, having sex through penetration helps lower systolic blood pressure (the pressure when the heart pumps blood throughout the body).

You can’t obtain the benefits mentioned above just by getting married. To get the benefits of marriage, you and your partner must have a healthy relationship. When a marital relationship is full of problems, it can hurt physical and mental health.

Tips for maintaining the best marriage relationship

Marriage counselling activities

The benefits above can only be obtained when your relationship with your partner is going well. Several actions can be taken, including:

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Keeping commitment

Marriage requires a commitment between both partners. If one of you is toying with responsibilities, the marriage may end in divorce. To avoid this situation, always keep the promises that have been made with your partner and vice versa.

Mutual respect

To create a good marital relationship, respect each other. You can also appreciate what your partner has done for you, for example, complimenting him on cooking even though he’s tired from work or just saying thank you when you get help.

Maintain good communication

Communication is one of the main keys to a relationship. After a day of not seeing each other because of work, take your time to talk to your partner. If you are confused about finding a topic to talk about, you can chat about the day you just lived, your dreams, interests, and current feelings.

In addition, you must also be a good listener to your partner. Listen to what he’s complaining about. When responding, don’t give a judgmental opinion.

If you have trouble building a good marital relationship, don’t hesitate to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. Invite your partner during a consultation so that both of you can convey anything that has been an obstacle to realizing the wedding of your dreams.

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