get rid of abdominal obesity

6 Best ways to get rid of abdominal obesity to improve your appearance

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Abdominal obesity is increasingly being experienced by the world’s population lately. Various ways to manage a distended stomach began to appear and are increasingly viral.

get rid of abdominal obesity

Having a flat stomach is one of the ideal images of the desired body shape by many people.

The good news is that you can breathe easily because a flat stomach is not something that is a secret and is difficult to implement. However, you must remember that this is not an instant process and requires time, commitment, and persistence.

Six effective ways to reduce abdominal obesity

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There are several ways to reduce abdominal obesity, so you look slim again. What are these steps?

Increase protein consumption

Protein is one of the components in the diet that is important for weight loss. A study found that increasing quality protein consumption was associated with reduced belly fat.

Consumption of high protein is also found to provide a feeling of fullness for one day. Similarly, reduce the desire to eat food in the middle of the night and thoughts about food.

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In addition to reducing abdominal obesity due to accumulated fat, protein has also been shown to maintain body weight for the long term in certain studies. But how much protein is recommended?

In response, the protein that it should consume is 25 to 30 percent of your total daily calorie intake. You can obtain quality protein through fish, nuts, meat, dairy products, eggs, etc.

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Apply the correct way of exercising

Exercise is included in the list of ways to reduce abdominal obesity. However, the exercise in question does not only include abdominal exercises, such as sit-ups and so on. Abdominal exercise alone is not enough to get rid of a distended stomach.

6. Inverted pushups

Exercise suitable for reducing abdominal obesity is an activity that burns calories, including aerobic exercise—for example, swimming, running, walking fast, and others.

Exercising not only loses weight it also helps prevent fat accumulation after weight loss. You should do this physical activity at least five days a week, for approximately 30 minutes daily.

Avoid sugar consumption

Sugar contains glucose and fructose. The body can only process this content in the liver in certain doses.

Excessive consumption of added sugar can overwhelm the liver. As a result, the liver eventually converts the fructose compound in sugar into fat stored in the liver and stomach.

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The stored fat not only causes abdominal obesity. But fat can also trigger metabolic diseases and insulin resistance.

Therefore, avoid and reduce added sugar consumption in the food and beverage products consumed. Always check the label of the food or drink you want to buy. Fruit can also be a healthy alternative to satisfy your desire to eat sweet foods or drinks.

Increase fiber consumption

In addition to protein, fiber consumption participates as a way to reduce abdominal obesity. But similar to protein, the type of fiber you consume affects your weight loss journey.

Water-soluble fiber is a great choice for weight loss. This type of fiber will slow down the absorption and digestion of food, so the feeling of fullness can last longer, and appetite will decrease.

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Meeting fiber intake is also not difficult. You can do this by eating vegetables, beans, or whole grains.

Pay attention to daily consumption.

A good diet is a basis of how to reduce abdominal obesity. Of course, a good diet also includes monitoring and knowing what is consumed. The diet carried out will only work if you know what foods are consumed.

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You do not need to write down what is consumed and the amount and weight in detail. However, you need to know enough about the types of food and normal consumption limits to make it easier for you to regulate what you consume.

For example, if you want to increase your protein intake, you need to adjust your intake of other nutrients. With this, the daily calorie count will be maintained, not excessive or deficient.

Reduce carbohydrate consumption

Reducing carbohydrate consumption can lose weight and reduce abdominal obesity. Moreover, a low-carbohydrate diet can more effectively impact weight loss and is more filling than a low-fat diet.

To apply it, you can avoid the consumption of simple carbohydrates. White rice, sugar, candy, and bread are some foods classified as simple carbohydrates.

When on a low-carb diet, do not reduce carbohydrates excessively and consult your doctor first about whether a low-carb diet is suitable for you or not.

How to reduce abdominal obesity above you can run, so the body is slim again. But also pay attention to the condition of your body so that the steps taken do not harm you. If necessary, you can consult a doctor first to make the efforts more optimal.

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