Natural childbirth without stitches

6 Best tips for Natural childbirth without stitches

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Natural childbirth without stitches is a tip that pregnant women want to know before giving birth.

Natural childbirth without stitches

When someone tells about their natural childbirth experience, the cycle is predictable: experiencing contractions and opening during delivery. Then a baby is born, closing with the Doctor sewing the perineal area (between the anus and the vagina).

There are tips for natural childbirth without stitches that are not impossible to do.

Usually, stitches are done when the doctor performs an episiotomy procedure. This procedure cuts the perineal area to widen the baby’s birth canal.

According to research from The Journal of Perinatal Education, babies who are too large are feared to be challenging to come out during childbirth.

That makes labor induction, such as natural induction or cesarean section.

This action is done so that the tear when the baby’s head comes out is more controllable and directed than if it was torn by itself. However, there is a risk of infection and complications.

Naturally, the biggest fear of new mothers after giving birth is stitched in the perineal area.

Every mother must have felt worried or confused about how to defecate after getting stitches.

Usually, mothers are afraid of pain in the area adjacent to the suture site.

Tips for natural childbirth without stitches

What is parenting?

After the episiotomy procedure, it will usually be followed by suturing of the perineal area. First, the doctor will check for tears in the walls of the vagina or cervix.

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Then, the doctor will clean the incision area or tear in the perineum before suturing.

This type of suture does not need to be removed because it will blend into the surrounding skin area.

The number of stitches varies with each delivery.

However, there are six tips for natural childbirth without stitches that it can do. What are those?

Perineal massage

One way to reduce the risk of perineal tears during labor is to provide massage. You can massage the perineal area with olive oil, coconut oil, or another safe oil twice daily.

You can do tips for natural childbirth without stitches from the 34th week onwards.

The trick, insert your thumb into the vagina only as deep as 3-4 centimeters and press it towards the anus.

Usually, you will feel a hot sensation when you stretch. Please do it for a minute and rest.

This method can signal the perineal area to prepare for delivery.

Later, by massage, the area between the anus and the vagina can be more flexible and flexible during childbirth.

Find the correct birthing position.

So far, the birthing position is identical to lying on the bed and lifting both legs.

This position will put more pressure on the perineal area and fight gravity.

You can choose a comfortable position, such as squats, standing, or lying to one side.

Tell your doctor or midwife if you feel confident that you will give birth in a position supported by natural gravity.

Don’t lift your hips.

Sometimes the desire to give birth with an unconventional body position does not necessarily get permission from the hospital.

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If you have to lie on your back while lifting your legs, a tip for a natural delivery without stitches is to make sure your pelvis doesn’t lift due to reflex.

Try to keep your pelvis pressed against the mattress so that you can suppress any possible tears.

You can also ask the nurse or partner to help remind you during the delivery process.

Pushing slowly

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Don’t forget to practice and find out how to push effectively during labor.

Try to prepare yourself with tips for natural childbirth without stitches as much as possible, or share stories with those with experience.

Do it beforehand because, during labor, your energy is often devoted to enduring the pain due to contractions.

When the opening is complete, push slowly but steadily.

Take a deep breath and focus the pressure on the pelvis, not the neck or abdomen.

Therefore, the perineal skin can stretch naturally.

The smoother the process of pushing, the less likely a tear is in the perineum.

Warm towels

The next tip for natural childbirth without stitches is to ask the nurse, midwife, or partner to put a warm towel on the perineum during labor.

This method can reduce pain while preventing tearing when the baby’s head comes out of the vagina.

Keep calm

These tips for natural childbirth without stitches may sound cliché, but they still play an essential role.

One way to stay calm during labor is to equip yourself with a lot of knowledge about the labor process.

Reading a lot or asking for assistance from a partner, family, or doula is also very helpful for those giving birth to their first child.

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Trust me, equipping yourself with what to do during labor will increase your self-confidence.

Prospective mothers will be more confident and know what is suitable for the body and the baby to be born.

Communicate all your wishes to the obstetrician. Follow your instincts.

If your pregnancy is low-risk and you want to run the natural birthing tips above, there’s nothing wrong with trying.

Natural childbirth effect

Common mistakes in new parents

The process of giving birth naturally certainly has its effects. Here are some of the effects of natural childbirth that you need to know:

Small baby size

The first natural birth effect is a condition when the baby to be born usually has a size, both weight and height, that is relatively smaller than newborns in general.

With a smaller size, the tear that can occur will be minor in degree so that it does not require the process of suturing in healing.

The vaginal shape that doesn’t change

Giving birth naturally makes the shape of the vagina of pregnant women not change much after giving birth.

This situation will be much desired by women but is quite challenging to obtain because it requires more complex preparation.

Greater straining power

If you do the tips for natural childbirth, this causes the size of the vaginal opening becomes narrower.

This condition will force pregnant women to exert greater straining power and risk causing a state of tiredness and fatigue, which will undoubtedly affect work results.

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