Exercises for Obese People

5 Safest Exercises for Obese People. What’s that?

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Exercises for Obese people, especially for beginners, of course, is a big challenge. In addition to regulating diet, exercise is also essential to burn calories.

Unfortunately, the body’s condition is too fat often makes it challenging to move intensely. For that, people who are obese should choose the type of low-impact exercise.

Exercises that are suitable for fat people

Exercises for Obese People

People who are overweight or obese will feel tremendous pressure on their knees, waist, pelvis, and ankles during activities.

Although several conditions make it difficult for intense physical activity, exercise remains an obligation in overcoming obesity,

The recommended exercises for obese people are low-impact types, which are types of exercise that have minimal stress on the body and joints.

This exercise does not require jumping or supporting your body on only one leg. Here is an example of low-impact exercise for obese people.

1. Walk

Of the many exercises for obese people, the cheapest and most accessible is walking. You don’t even need a lot of equipment to do this exercise.

Walking does not burn too many calories. However, if obese people run it, the total calorie burn can increase.

That is because you expend more energy when moving compared to normal-weight people.

In a study, for exercise for obese people to be influential, walking at least 10,000 steps a day is recommended so that if the physical activity takes longer, you can burn more calories.

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2. Swim or walk in the water

Swim or walk in the water

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that is good for obese people.

When you are active in the water, your body weight will also be supported by the water. That way, the risk of burdening joints and bones is minimized through this sport.

What are the tips for walking on water? First, the feet should not touch the bottom of the pool so the body half floats.

Then move your body as if you were walking on land. Repeat this walking motion over and over again.

Swimming is also effective in regulating breathing and burning calories. No wonder swimming is suitable to be included in the list of exercises for obese people.

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3. Bicycle

Cycling is one of the most effective exercises for obese people to burn calories, plus it is safe because it includes low-impact exercise.

You can use various types of bicycles: stationary bikes or regular bicycles.

If you want to cycle, there are tips you can do so you don’t get tired quickly. So, exercise can be regular.

To be more leverage, you can try cycling for 60 minutes. Here are cycling tips that you can follow.

  • First 30 minutes: cycling lightly without compulsion. At the last minute, gradually increase the intensity of the stroke.
  • Minutes 30 – 35: Maximize the pedal’s intensity as strongly as possible.
  • Minutes 35 – 40: reduce the intensity of pedaling so that you cycle easily.
  • Minutes 40 – 45: put all your energy into moving the bike as much as possible.
  • Minutes 45 – 50: reduce the stroke’s intensity again, so it feels easy.
  • Minutes 50 – 55: pedal the bike as hard as you can.
  • Minutes 55 – 60: gradually reduce the intensity of pedaling to the lowest possible.
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4. Strength training

Man About to Lift Barbell

Muscle strength training is also one of the essential exercises for obese people.

People with obesity need this exercise to improve posture problems and increase metabolism.

With strength training, the body will build more muscle. The body’s more power will increase your metabolism at rest.

The higher the metabolism, the faster the calorie-burning process occurs.

The reason is that if muscle mass increases, the body will release a compound called myokine in large quantities. This myokine will later help burn fat.

You can try some weight training at home using weights like dumbbells, or you can make moves like push-ups, squats, lunges, sit-ups, and so on.

5. Taichi

Taichi is an exercise with slow, calm movements but can burn calories despite its low-impact nature.

If you notice, exercises for obese people mainly emphasize flexibility exercises. So when doing Taichi, you must do specific postures to train your flexibility.

Each posture movement will switch without pause. So, the body seems to move in a flowing way. For the body to keep moving, you must focus like meditation.

The breath also needs to be adjusted to make it easier to focus so that the movement remains stable.

Because it increases flexibility, Taichi is good for reducing joint pain. So, this is a sport that is suitable for obese people who have joint problems.

Not only increase body flexibility, but Taichi also benefits obese people, namely:

  • improve mood,
  • increase stamina,
  • strengthen muscles, and
  • improve the performance of the heart.

To do exercises for fat people like Taichi, it would be better if there was a trainer. Many techniques are not standard and must be guided by experienced people.

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Also, you can start your workout with a 5-minute warm-up and end with a 5-minute cool-down.

Each exercise lasts 30 – 60 minutes for 4 or 5 workouts per week.

Exercises for obese people should consider the safety of the joints. The reason is that the joints support a reasonably heavy load from your body.

Consider carefully if you want to do high-impact exercises because it is feared that it will add pressure to the joints it can trigger the risk of injury.

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