Dutch parenting styles that make children happy

5 Dutch parenting that makes children happy

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Dutch parenting – Becoming a parent is one of the things that a married couple dreams. The moment of waiting for the birth of your little one in the household will undoubtedly be a moment full of emotion and joy. But of course, being a parent is not easy, and bad parenting can cause trauma to children in the future.

Dutch parenting styles that make children happy
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According to a study released by UNICEF, Dutch parenting that makes children happy children from the Netherlands are the most comfortable in all aspects, from material well-being, behaviour, health, safety to education. So, what is the parenting style like in the Netherlands? Summarizing from various sources, here are five ways of parenting Dutch parents.

1. Discipline not with punishment

One of the keys to parenting success in the Netherlands is to raise polite children without giving punishment or clear directions.

They educate children by praising good behaviour and being firm when it comes to bad behaviour. Remember, being strong doesn’t mean you have to be punished.

2. Grades in school are not the main thing

When parents always tell their children to get the best grades in school, this can trigger mental disorders in children in the future. When a child is required to always get the best rates in school, he will easily be depressed if he fails to get the targeted value.

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Parents in the Netherlands understand this very well. Therefore, school achievement is not the primary benchmark in assessing the development and intelligence of children.

Dutch parenting styles that make children happy

Dutch parenting styles that make children happy
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3. Doing Homework Early on

Dutch parents have been teaching their children to put toys in their storage bins from two. It’s no wonder that four-year-old children in the Netherlands can already help their mothers prepare school supplies independently. Applying the value of independence from an early age will make children feel more confident and happier in the long run.

4. The simple Life

Who says a happy life has to cost a lot of money? Buying children’s toys at prices beyond their means is something that parents in the Netherlands avoid.

They prefer to spend time together while playing simple games that don’t cost much. Instead of going to the mall, they like to take their children to play in the park. It is also what makes parents in the Netherlands never proud to buy or use used goods for their children while using them correctly.

5. Active Lifestyle

Active movement is an inseparable part of Dutch culture, and this culture encourages children to play outdoors, such as cycling, running, playing ball, and others. Children in the Netherlands are also not spoiled because they are instilled the happiness of good relationships and play and entertain themselves from childhood.

It is not wrong if the Netherlands is included in the list of countries with happy children because of the upbringing applied by parents. It can be a lesson for parents so that their children can live independently in the future!

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