Causes Vaginal Moist

5 Causes Vaginal Moisture and Makes Sex So Uncomfortable

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Causes of Miss V Moist

The Vaginal causes of moisture are usually due to the appearance of excessive sweating in the vaginal area. Over time, the condition of the intimate organs becomes uncomfortable, including during sex.

Excessive sweat production can even irritate. Therefore, it is vital to know the factors that cause vaginal dampness and avoid it as much as possible.

The causes Vaginal moisture

Excessive sweating around the vaginal and groin area can cause itching and sometimes lead to infections, such as bacterial vaginosis and vaginal yeast infections. And Here are some common causes of vaginal dampness:

1. Physical Training

The causes vaginal moisture After doing a lot of physical exercises, the body’s sweat production will usually increase, including in part around the vagina.

Any strenuous physical activity will increase the body’s internal temperature and activate the sweat glands to produce more.

Physical exercise focusing specifically on the legs, such as running, can cause more sweating in the lower body.

Therefore, it is crucial to shower and clean yourself as soon as possible to prevent the vaginal area from becoming damp.

2. Pubic hair not trimmed

Pubic hair rarely trimmed can make the existing sweat ‘trapped.’ This condition can cause the vaginal to be moist.

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The heat covered by the pubic hair can also allow bacteria to build up, leading to infection if you don’t clean the area properly.

To avoid excessive sweating and dampness in the vaginal area, consider brushing your pubic hair regularly.

Causes vaginal moist due to the use of pads and panty liners

3. Underwear material that doesn’t absorb sweat

Always choose underwear material that can absorb sweat, mainly to prevent the vaginal area from becoming damp.

The material of these non-breathable panties retains heat and doesn’t absorb moisture, meaning labor stays on the skin.

So that this condition does not occur, you should choose cotton underwear. This material is not only lightweight but also absorbs sweat and moisture.

4. Use sanitary napkins and panty liners

Most pads and panty liners make materials that don’t absorb sweat easily. These products can create excessive heat in the vaginal area, causing more sweat production and triggering humidity.

If it’s not needed, you should avoid wearing panty liners. In addition, when using sanitary napkins, don’t forget to change them regularly, so they don’t get damp.

5. Wearing too-tight pants

Trousers that are too tight, such as skinny jeans, can also be a factor in causing the vaginal to become damp. The skin rubbing against the cloth will cause friction and heat.

Sweat production will increase when heated is trapped in too tight underpants. As a result, the area around the vagina will become more humid and make you uncomfortable.

As much as possible, you should choose a loose model of pants that allow air to ‘flow.’

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