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The 5 best games to train children’s balance for a strong body

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train children's balance

Games to train children’s balance are very important for training their balance. Good body balance can help them carry out daily activities, such as exercising, wearing clothes, and getting in and out of the vehicle. You can teach various fun games to train balanced for children to hone it.

Balance training games for kids

Some parents may ask, what is the purpose of learning balance? Quoted from Nation Wide Children’s, it can balance the body, help children avoid injury when doing physical activities, and improve performance during sports.

Here is a variety of balance games that you can play at home.

1. Twister

Twister is one of the most popular games in the world. Often this game invites laughter because it is played together.

This game is done by placing the feet and hands on a unique carpet. Later, your child will be asked to put his feet and hands in a specific color. The child will try not to fall by balancing his body.
Apart from being considered a way to train balance, this game can also hone a child’s motor, social, and emotional skills.

2. Animal yoga

Animal yoga kids

Animal yoga or animal yoga is a sport that can be done to practice balance and achieve calm. However, children may think of it as an exciting game.

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Various animal yoga poses require children to pretend to be animals. Not only that but they will also be asked to walk like animals.

Apart from being considered a way of practicing balance, this animal yoga can improve focus, concentration, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

3. Bowling

Did you know that bowling is also considered a good balance game for kids?

Please note that bowling is a game that requires players to move, balance, and maintain body flexibility while directing the bowling ball to hit the target.

You can invite the children to come directly to the bowling game or buy bowling toys that they can play with at home.

4. Walk up the stairs

Walking on stairs or ladder bridge is a small child’s game that can train balance. You only need a ladder made of wood and two pillows.

Place the two pillows at the end of the stairs. After that, ask the child to walk up the stairs. That way, your little one can learn to balance himself.

But remember, you must always stand by your child’s side to prevent him from falling.

5. Dance and be quiet!

They can play dance and silence games by playing a song. The children were asked to dance together until it stopped the music suddenly. They must then remain silent until the song is played again.

At children’s birthday parties, the host often plays this balance-training game. However, not many parents know that this game can train children’s balance.

Therefore, it never hurts to try playing this balance training game at home.

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Sports movements to train children’s balance

Apart from playing games, there are also examples of body balance exercises that are pretty easy for children to practice. Please make sure you are beside your little one to guide him.
Here are balance exercises that your little one can try at home.

1. Squat reach and jump

Squat reach and jump

One of the movements to train balance is squat, reach and jump. To put it into practice, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Ask the child to stand while keeping feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Next, guide the child to practice the squat position by bending the knees down.
  • Finally, ask the child to stand straight and jump instead of extending his arms.

2. Rows

The following way to train balance is to do rows movement. This exercise movement is quite simple and easy for children to do.
To put it into practice, follow the steps below:

  • Prepare two small bottles filled with water (not too heavy).
  • Ask the child to hold the two bottles with his hands.
  • Then, guide the child to bend his body forward.
  • After that, help the child to lift the two bottles upwards.
  • If the child is proficient at doing it, try asking your child to do rows with only one leg. There’s nothing wrong with doing this movement with two legs if you can’t.

3. Fast step-ups

One example of this body balance exercise needs to be done on the stairs. The steps are also relatively easy:

  • Ask the child to climb 1-2 stairs with fast foot movements.
  • Perform this movement repeatedly, starting from the up and down.
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If possible, help the child to do it for 60 or 90 seconds. If not, parents can reduce the duration.
Before doing the various movements above, make sure your child has warmed up first to prevent injury.

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