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The benefits of sparkling water for health are rarely known

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Sparkling water has many doubtful benefits; some even think that sparkling water is harmful to the body. However, you can get many benefits from sparkling water if consumed in sufficient quantities. Interesting fact, isn’t it? Come on, find out the advantages of sparkling water below.

sparkling water benefits

Benefits of Sparkling water

Sparkling water still contains several nutrients in it. In addition, this drink can also make a good reaction for the body. Check the benefits of Sparkling water that you need to know:

1. Overcoming dehydration

One of the benefits of Sparkling water is that it can help relieve felt thirst. Especially when the weather is hot, and you need fluid intake to make you feel refreshed.

Choosing Sparkling water can also be an alternative for those of you who are looking for refreshing drinks. Amazingly, Sparkling water can help the body overcome dehydration. Suitable for those who feel thirsty and want to replace lost body fluids.

2. Reduces constipation

The next benefit of Sparkling water is that it overcomes digestive disorders, such as abdominal pain, and reduces constipation. A study was conducted on 40 elderly adults who had had had a stroke. On average, they experience twice the defecation frequency when drinking Sparkling water. Moreover, the study participants reported a 58 percent reduction in constipation symptoms.

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Then, a controlled study involved 21 participants with chronic indigestion who consumed Sparkling water for 15 consecutive days. The study showed a significant reduction in symptoms of indigestion, including constipation and emptying of the gallbladder.

3. Maintain weight

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Sparkling water can make the stomach fuller compared to drinking water. That is inseparable from the high sugar and gas content in it. You can consume this type of drink about 30 minutes before mealtimes.

That will help you not get hungry eyes and take a more significant portion of the meal. In the end, this step can make you not overeat so that you lose weight.

4. Improves swallowing ability

A study showed that the benefits of Sparkling water could improve swallowing ability in young and old adults. The study involved 16 participants in good health who were asked to ingest various fluids repeatedly. As a result, Sparkling water turns out to be able to stimulate the nerves responsible for swallowing.

5. Maintain bone health

Rarely anyone thinks that consuming Sparkling water can help maintain bone health. That can happen because of the calcium and magnesium content in Sparkling water, which is good for bones. But keep in mind Sparkling water is not enough.

The body needs calcium up to 1,200 mg per day. Therefore, you need to find another source of calcium to suffice it. In addition, don’t forget to exercise to help bones strengthen until old age.

disadvantages of Sparkling water for health

Although there are various benefits of Sparkling water for health, you should underline that It is usually added with multiple flavors and high amounts of sugar. That can lead to weight gain to other health problems.

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Sparkling water is carbonated water or a drink containing carbon dioxide. That makes the appearance of bubbles in the water that stick to the walls of the container.

With bubbles in Sparkling water, no doubt people who drink it will feel their sensation when they are down. In addition to carbon dioxide, Sparkling water contains sugar, citric acid, caffeine, artificial sweeteners such as fructose corn syrup, and other ingredients.

Here are some of the dangers of Sparkling water consumption  that need to be watched out for:

1. Damages tooth enamel

The content of acids and sugars contained in Sparkling water turns out to play an essential role in tooth decay. Some research results state that the combination of the contents of the two can cause the tooth enamel layer to be eroded. That is one of the dangers of Sparkling water that can threaten dental health.

2. Affects bone health

The dangers of Sparkling water can also affect bone health. It contains high phosphorus levels and does not have calcium or other healthy nutrients.

The benefits of calcium are significant during the growth of childhood and adolescence.

If children consume more Sparkling water than calcium, it can damage bone health, making them porous quickly.

3. Increases the risk of obesity

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The next danger of Sparkling water is that it increases the risk of obesity. That is due to the content of Sparkling water, which is rich in calories.

Excessive calories entering the body can increase the risk of obesity. Not only for people who are adults, and children can also be at risk of suffering from obesity.

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4. Increases the risk of diabetes

The effect of Sparkling water can also increase the risk of diabetes. That is because the very high sugar content in Sparkling water can potentially trigger the liver to fail to produce the hormone insulin, which is helpful for processing glucose.

As a result, your blood sugar levels can rise, leading to insulin-resistant conditions. Insulin resistance can increase the risk of various diseases, such as type 2 diabetes to heart disease.

5. Increases the risk of heart disease

Continuous consumption of sugar derived from Sparkling water can increase the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure and increased cholesterol.

6. Interferes with brain performance

The danger of Sparkling water that is no less important is that it can interfere with brain performance because of the content of artificial sweeteners in it.

Artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, which usually contain phenylalanine, can cause headaches, seizure symptoms in susceptible individuals, insomnia, impaired brain function, dementia, and stroke.

Sparkling water can help clear the throat, thus helping food be easier to swallow. Even so, its consumption still needs to be considered. Consuming drinks that are too sweet in excess can make the mouth dry.

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