How to warm your body

How to keep your body warm as a woman?

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How to warm your body as a woman or a man is not much different because they have the same body structure. It’s just that there are a few illnesses that will make a difference.

You must wear thick or layered clothes to warm your body when the weather is cold.

You can do a way to warm the body with a few tips naturally. Here are six ways how to keep the body warm naturally:

Six ways how to warm yourself up


How to warm your body

Shivering is a sign that you are cold and need to warm up as soon as possible. This condition is one of the body’s natural responses to the environment.

You’ll shiver when your skin temperature drops to keep your core body temperature from falling. Shivering is an attempt to warm the body because it responds to environmental temperature by vibrating all the muscles in the body to produce heat naturally.

People with mild hypothermia will shiver, but those with moderate hypothermia may not. The body will stop shivering when muscle contractions can no longer generate heat. That means when you stop shivering, your core temperature drops.

Eat a lot


Eating more when you feel cold is an excellent way to maintain your body temperature. By eating food, you can keep blood sugar which can provide energy to the body to stay warm.

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Eat foods that the body can digest slowly, such as fatty foods. When your body digests food, it burns energy so that you will feel warmer. Therefore, if the food you eat takes longer to digest by the body, then you will also feel warm longer.

Drink lots of water

Drink water
Drink water

Another way to keep the body warm is to keep water intake. A well-hydrated body can provide better warmth as well. Drink hot water that can give you a warm sensation, although this doesn’t raise your body’s internal temperature.

According to a professor from the University of Pennsylvania, Michael Cirigliano, MD, the mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. So, if hot water touches your mouth, you will feel a warm sensation.

Adjust your body to the cold weather

The body has more capabilities than you can imagine. It has a unique mechanism to keep itself warm. People who spend much time in cold weather can make themselves more resistant to low temperatures. But the tool in this body is not yet fully understood.

Keep your body dry

A sweaty body or wet clothes can make you feel colder. Therefore, if the weather is cold, you should wear clothes that can absorb sweat. If the clothes are wet, you should change clothes immediately. Try to keep your body dry.

Keep your core body temperature warm.

To maintain a warm body temperature, you should use closed clothing. You will also need to wear socks, gloves, and a hat to keep yourself warm when you are cold.

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Usually, the first to feel the cold are the feet and hands before the cold spreads to other parts of the body. That is a form of body mechanism in maintaining core body temperature. Blood flow is prioritized to vital body parts when cold, so your feet and hands will feel cold first.

Keeping your body covered is the best you can do to maintain body warmth.

Factors that affect human body temperature

The fact that the average human body temperature can change throughout the day is precisely why you need to know how to warm your body when it feels cold.

Here are some factors that can affect human body temperature, such as:

  • Time

Body temperature tends to warm up after waking up until the afternoon.

Younger people have higher body temperatures, while older people over 65 have lower body temperatures.

  • Gender

Women usually have a higher body temperature during ovulation or pregnancy. However, a woman’s body temperature may be lower at the start of her menstrual cycle.

  • Daily activities

Activities or sports can raise body temperature. Therefore, avoid exercising in hot weather.

  • Weather

That can be a factor that affects body temperature—for example, the body temperature increases when the weather is hot, and vice versa.

Body temperature can increase in response to stress.

  • Weight

Being overweight is associated with a lower body temperature.

  • Food

20 to 30 minutes after eating, the body temperature rises. That is a sign of a metabolic process.

  • Drugs and cigarettes

Medical drugs such as antibiotics can increase body temperature when smoking.

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