the best sleeping position for blood circulation

How does Sleeping position for blood circulation, right or left?

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the best position for blood circulation

The best sleeping position for blood circulation plays a vital role in the health of our body.

The reason is that with the correct sleeping position, sleep quality will also increase and impact long-term health. Because sleeping for a long time, can not necessarily be said to be of quality.

Conversely, if you sleep for a long time but pay attention to your sleeping position to the maximum, this temporary sleep time can be very high.

The best sleeping position to improve blood circulation is considered necessary because if blood circulation is not smooth, it can inhibit blood, oxygen, and essential nutrients throughout the body.

Signs of circulatory disorders are most often seen in swollen feet or hands. Blood flow that is not smooth is not a condition but a disease symptom. Reporting to Healthline, several causes of circulatory disorders include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and problems in the arteries.

Best sleeping position for blood circulation

Is your favorite sleeping position sleeping on your side? A good sleeping position is on your right or left side.

There are several ways to do this sideways: with hands straight down to prevent acid reflux and avoid neck and back pain.

According to several experts, if you want the best sleeping position for blood circulation, if you like a sideways place while sleeping, then choose sideways to the left side only. Because sleeping sideways to the right side will suppress blood vessels and inhibit smooth blood circulation.

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It’s not that the left side of your body doesn’t have blood vessels. It’s just that there are more important and small blood vessels on the right side of your body, and when you turn to the left, you won’t block the flow of blood.

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The best sleeping position for blood circulation is not the only one. Another way you can do it is to launch blood circulation.

Raise your feet before going to sleep

In addition to choosing the best sleeping position to improve blood circulation, regularly lifting your legs before bed can relieve pressure on the blood vessels in your legs.

Lifting the legs above can also improve blood circulation and reduce leg swelling. It doesn’t take long to reap the benefits of this simple routine. Swipe your feet and lean them against the wall for 20 minutes before bed.

Regular exercise

Exercise is the primary way to improve blood circulation. The recommended exercise to improve blood circulation does not need to be grandiose. You just regularly exercise walking.

Once your routine is established, you can switch or try more intense sports like running, swimming, cycling, etc. The thing to remember is to avoid excessive or too exhausting exercise.


Another way to improve blood circulation is massage. It not only stimulates blood flow in the body but can also provide relaxation.

The pressure by a gentle on the body can improve blocked blood circulation. Massage movements help remove lactic acid from the muscles and enhance the circulation of lymph fluid in the body.

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Lymph fluid carries metabolic waste from muscles and internal organs, helping lower blood pressure and improve body functions.


Stretching a few minutes several times a day can also be a natural blood circulation remedy. Stretching can increase blood flow to our tissues and organs.

Most people spend their time sitting in the same position all day long. To prevent health problems, take the time to get up from your seat and do some light stretching.

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