how to study effectively at home

8 tips on how to study effectively at home

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The study is an important activity that everyone needs to do. By studying, we can learn useful things for everyday life. Therefore, here are several about how to study effectively at home you can do.

how to study effectively at home
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How to study effectively so that the results are maximized

Effective studying is a learning method that can help a person to learn and use knowledge and skills more quickly, thoroughly, easily, fun, deeply, and permanently.

After understanding effective study, here’s how to do it.

1. Listen to soothing music.

Listening to music can also be an effective way to study at home.

Many claims that relaxing music can improve concentration; regardless of the type of music being listened to, it doesn’t matter.

You can listen to classical, instrumental, or lo-fi music. Avoid music with lyrics as much as possible because it can interfere with your study session.

2. Avoiding distractions

The next how to study effectively at home is to avoid any distractions.

Start by muting the mobile phone and avoiding noise from the television or radio.

You can turn off your smartphone to avoid being tempted to open social media during a study session.

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3. Don’t be shy about asking questions in class

For students studying in class, try to ask the teacher. Dare to raise your hand and ask if there are any things or lessons that are not understood.

If you feel embarrassed, try to write down the questions on paper and say them when class ends.

4. Reread lesson notes daily

Rereading lesson notes is a good way of studying and needs to be done.

Teachers or lecturers usually require students to take notes on the lesson explained in front of the class. Well, try to read the notes again at home.

These effective study tips are thought to be able to ‘transfer’ the knowledge we get from short-term memory to long-term memory.

5. Take a break in between study sessions

After spending 30 minutes studying, you can rest for 10-15 minutes.

Quoted from the Oxford Learning website, short study sessions are more effective and can help you absorb knowledge fully.

6. Group study

An effective learning tip that is easy to do is to study with friends.

The reason is that studying in groups allows you to test knowledge, ask each other questions and increase each other’s confidence.

If possible, schedule with friends to study together at home or other places with a conducive atmosphere.

7. Avoid studying multiple things at the same time

Some people think that learning many things together can absorb more information.

However, this habit is considered ineffective because you can be overwhelmed.

Try to divide your study sessions into days. That is considered more efficient in helping to store information.

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This method also helps you deeply embed the information that has been learned so that you can store it for the long term.

8. Looking for a new study atmosphere

One of the effective study methods that you can do is to find a new atmosphere.

An article titled Environmental Context and Human Memory from the University of Wisconsin, United States, explains that changing the study environment or atmosphere can improve memory performance.

Instead of studying at home daily, try visiting a coffee shop or library.

These mood swings are rated to improve your memory and concentration.

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