Couple Sleeping Positions

Couple Sleeping Positions and their meanings that are rarely known

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Couple Sleeping Positions

Try to pay attention to which way your mate falls asleep, even what you do before bed. Sleeping with your mate is a relief and can create another kind of intimacy, especially after a long and tiring day of carrying out various daily activities.

Sleeping with a partner is also fun when given a warm hug that soothes the heart.

However, it turns out that there is a special meaning to your mate’s sleeping position. The sleeping position’s purpose will also affect your partner’s intimacy.

Here we have summarized some meanings of a couple’s sleeping position in bed. What does it mean if your partner sleeps away from you?

1. Spoon sleeping position

Couple Sleeping Positions and their meanings

Spooning is a widely known lying position among married couples, but it is not the most popular sleeping position.

Corrine Sweet, an author and relationship psychologist, found in a study that only about a fifth of couples sleeps this way.

It should understand that the spooning position is romantic, but newly married couples more popularly do it. Where each other communicates trust and enhances intimate moments.

A husband can protectively hug his wife from behind. Moreover, they both sleep sideways and face the same direction.

The comfortable position of the genitals also makes the love hormones flow. That’s why it’s become quite a favorite among new couples who can’t let go of a hug.

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2. Sleeping position face to face

Sleeping position face to face

That can describe this sleeping position as you and your partner face each other while sleeping. Usually, this position is done after having an intimate conversation before going to bed.

It just doesn’t stop there. Hands or feet will also touch each other. Sleeping in this position can signify equality between mates, especially if your heads are at the same height.

It also signifies the friendship between mates, the kind of happy relationship because the two don’t feel shy about being very close and open.

3. Sleeping on his stomach

Sleeping on his stomach – Couple Sleeping Positions and their meanings that are rarely known

In addition to sleeping sideways and staring at each other, there is also a prone sleeping position. Where the stomach touches the mattress, and the head is sideways.

While this is not the best way to sleep as it affects your health, it can signify that someone is hiding something from a relationship point of view.

That will worsen back and neck pain due to pressure on the spine in health.

4. Sleeping back to back

Couple Sleeping Positions and their meanings that are rarely known

Talking about turning your back on your partner, you might think this is a sleeping position when you’re angry. But your assessment is wrong.

Precisely when a married couple who sleeps back to back without touching each other becomes a sign that he is a lover of freedom.

This sleeping position makes you and your partner face in opposite directions. A psychologist named Corrine Sweet found in a study that couples who sleep this way are often connected and legitimate.

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According to him, this sleeping position is often a sign of closeness and independence in a relationship. However, it can also cause concern if one partner suddenly shifts from a more expressive place by not touching each other.

5. Sleep facing each other and hug

Couple Sleeping Positions and their meanings that are rarely known

This sleeping position is uncomfortable if done for a long time, which can trigger soreness, and maybe the hands will tingle.

But it’s one of the most intimate positions for a couple. The couple sleeps facing each other with their hands and feet tied or hugging each other.

However, this is relatively rare because couples usually don’t sleep this way unless they are newlyweds creating more intimacy with each other.

This sleeping position can mean that the new partner feels the bonding process after an emotional encounter, such as after a severe argument or sex.

Well, those are some meanings of the sleeping position of married couples that are rarely known. Hopefully, it can be new knowledge.

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