These six ways can make a man love you madly

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There are many ways to make a man love you madly. There are several ways to love, be fascinated, and even always want to be with you. He started from making yourself more attractive to giving good treatment to the man of your dreams.

As reported by the Allwomanstalk site Saturday (10/2/2018), here are six essential things you can do to make a man crazy about you. Good luck.

1. Make eye contact

Gazing deep into someone’s eyes can provide a close connection between the two. So, if you’re trying to have your dream man’s day, make natural eye contact. Maybe you can do it as you speak. Make him aware of your existence and comfortable with you. But don’t do it for too long because he will feel uncomfortable and like being watched.

2. Don’t look desperate

Men want women who are confident and always optimistic. This is the kind of cheerful woman a man wants to be by his side. Please don’t give her an expression of hopelessness, making her lose interest in you.

Make men love you

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3. Trustworthy

The most important thing for a man is to have a woman he can trust. You can honestly talk to him about all the men who have been in your life. This is good for building a better relationship and making a man believe that you are a woman he can trust.

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4. To be mysterious

Don’t throw it all out when giving a man attention and love. Men love mystery and have a high curiosity. If you want to build a good relationship, provide enough information about yourself. Let him make an effort to find out more about you.

Make men love madly on you

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5. Support his hobby

Men are pleased when women show interest in their hobbies. He will feel supported and not alone. Even if you don’t know much about football and his favorite games, give him time to watch the game with him. Let him also enter your hobby, because even though you are in a love relationship, you and your partner are still two different people who have their hobbies and interests.

6. Refrain from intimate contact

The last tip is a surefire way to keep a guy curious about you. Do not have excessive intimate contact at the beginning of a meeting or relationship. Let this relationship develop first if you want a guy to love you. Most men will feel bored when intimate physical contact has been obtained. He is no longer just focused on you. So Resist physical contact because this is also about your honor as a woman.

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