The best sleeping position for neck pain

Best sleeping position for neck pain by experts recommend

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You may have woken up with pain in the neck. It could be because you sleep in the wrong position. As a result, your sleep every night is not sound because it is disturbed by neck pain. Calm down!

There are several sleeping positions for neck pain that can relieve your pain. What is the best sleeping position? Find out in the following reviews that we have compiled from various sources.

Reasons for neck pain

The best sleeping position for neck pain
The best sleeping position for neck pain – Reasons for neck pain/ source: pexels

Many things can be the cause of your neck pain. With increasing age, the bones in the whole body begin to lose strength, including in the neck. That’s why the older you get, the more prone you are to neck pain.

However, if you wake up with neck pain, this may be due to the wrong sleeping position. Yes, neck pain and sleeping position have a reciprocal relationship that affects each other. The wrong sleeping position can make your neck hurt and vice versa. This condition certainly makes it difficult for you to fall asleep.

When experiencing neck pain, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach for a while. A chiropractic expert from Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine, Andrew Bang, D.C., reveals that sleeping on your stomach makes your head twist in one direction for hours. Instead of making you sleep better, this sleeping position can make your neck hurt even more.

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Not only that but sleeping on your stomach also makes your weight centered on the middle of the body, aka the spine. As a result, the pressure on the middle of the body becomes unbalanced and triggers back pain. Not only neck pain, but your back also hurts when you wake up.

1. Side Sleeping

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The best sleeping position for neck pain/ Photo by cottonbro on pexels

Try sleeping on your side or sideways when your neck starts to hurt. Sleeping on your side can help support your cervical and spine during sleep. That way, it will reduce the pain and stiffness in the neck.

Make sure your spine remains straight for maximum results, and you wake up feeling refreshed. The trick is to avoid using pillows that are too high or stiff. That is because a high pillow can keep your neck flexed overnight, leading to neck pain and stiffness in the morning.

Use a pillow that is not too high for the head. as a solution. Also, put an extra pillow under the neck to help support the neck while sleeping.

2. Sleep on your back

In addition to sleeping on your side, you are also advised to sleep on your back when your neck is sore. Sleeping on your back will keep your neck and back straight and reduce the risk of injury.

Again, use a feather pillow because it is softer and can bend to the natural curve of your neck while sleeping. If your pillow feels too high, immediately replace it with a lower, flat pillow to support your head.

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