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Top 10 Recommendations for Educational Toys for Toddlers 3 Years Old

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You can give many educational toys for toddlers aged three years to children. This is because some toys are considered useful in encouraging the child’s creativity, motor skills, and cognition.

Children’s motor and cognitive skills are increasingly developing at three years old. They may also be actively playing. To support their growth and development, you can provide fun educational toys for 3-year-olds.

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Besides being played with, various toys for toddlers three years can help encourage creativity and hone children’s cognitive abilities. However, make sure the toys you provide are safe and do not have a potential hazard.

Recommended educational toys for toddlers 3-year-olds

Here are several recommendations for toys for 3-year-olds that you can give to support their growth and development.

1. Toys compose building shapes

educational toys for toddlers

Toys assembling building shapes can be an exciting challenge for children.

Besides being fun, this 3-year-old educational toy can help foster imagination and develop logical and spatial intelligence from an early age.

Toys compiling building shapes can also train children to coordinate their hands and eyes. You can invite your little one to arrange educational toys for children aged 1-3 years into houses or buildings.

2. Kinetic sand toys

The following recommended toy is a kinetic sand toy. This sand is different from ordinary sand because it has a smooth texture, tends to clump, and does not fall apart.

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Children can form kinetic sand according to their wishes quickly. Not surprisingly, this 3-year-old toy can stimulate children’s senses and develop their creativity.

3. Toy musical instruments

Toy musical instruments children

3-year-olds generally like to hear sounds, so that a toy musical instrument can be an excellent choice.

You can buy a toy ukulele or percussion instrument for your child. This 3-year-old educational toy can encourage children to express themselves, show creativity, and relieve stress.

4. Teddy bears

Girls generally like to play with dolls. If your child is one of them, you can buy an adorable teddy bear for your child. This 3-year-old girl’s toy can help improve children’s language development.

5. Mini scooter

Mini scooter children

Toys for 3-year-olds that are no less fun are mini scooters. This toy can make children move actively while developing their balance and coordination.

You can invite your child to play with a mini scooter in the yard or park so that he can play it freely.

6. Finger paint

Who says painting is only for adults? Children aged three years can also try it with special paint for children’s artwork.

Colorfully painted paints can generally attract children’s attention. You can help your child paint with their fingers on the paper. However, make sure this 3-year-old toy is safe for children and non-toxic.

7. Lego toys

Lego toys are one of the most popular educational toys for 3-year-olds. Children can arrange lego components to make according to their wishes.

You can help by following the instructions so that the child’s wishes successfully form the Lego. This 3-year-old toy is considered to encourage fine motor skills and problem-solving skills.

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8. Cars

Cars are closely related to boys. You can buy this toy for a toddler, three-year-old boys, and the track.

Let the children explore how these toy cars can go well on the track. This educational toy for children aged three years is believed to help improve eye-hand coordination in your little one.

9. Children’s whiteboard

The next 3-year-old child’s toy that you can give to your little one is a children’s chalkboard. Children can draw or write as they wish. This educational toy will help your children explore their artistic side.

10. Geometry block toy

You can buy geometric block educational toys for children. This educational toy for three years old can help hone your little one’s cognitive abilities in creating shapes that match their imaginations. In addition, children can also recognize the bright colors on the blocks.

Pay attention before buying educational toys for toddlers three years old

Make sure you do the following before purchasing educational toys for 3-year-olds.

  • Read labels on toy product packaging to avoid potential hazards.
  • Pay attention to the safe age for using the toy and whether there is a risk of danger, it can cause.
  • Pay attention to whether the toys contain harmful ingredients to children or not.
  • Avoid toys that have sharp edges or have small parts, such as screws that can be easily removed, as they could injure or be swallowed by a child.
  • By paying attention to some of the things above, you can provide toys for three-year-old children that are safe to make your little one avoid danger.

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