Silent Sex Positions

5 Silent Sex Positions for You and Your Partner

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Silent Sex Positions
There are several sex positions for those who choose to have sex without sound. To be successful, you have to find the right time, avoid the bed to make love, to put on music so that it can disguise the sound.

Want to make love to your partner, but many other people in the house? It means it’s time you try various positions to make love without sound.

Making love without causing noise can be a challenge for you and your partner. Especially if other people are living with you and your partner, call it parents, in-laws, or household assistants. Not to mention if your little one is sleeping in the next room.

To not be more curious, these are things you need to pay attention to about making love without sound.

Recommended silent sex positions

To perform sexual activity with a partner, without inviting the curiosity of other people around you both, try the following five sex positions.

1. Position 69

This position allows you and your partner’s mouth to stay “busy”. In addition, when doing sexual activity with the 69 part, your body and your partner only slightly cause shocks to the bed to minimize the sound.
Try in the top position, and alternate with a partner. As an alternative, you and your partner can lie side by side while doing this 69 position.

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2. Hugging position

Having sex in a hugging position usually doesn’t make much noise. This position “complicates” you and your partner to sway the body too fast.
Plus, by having sex while hugging, you and your partner can kiss and whisper to each other and look at each other and face each other. It will increase the intimacy between you and your partner.

3. Sitting position

You can also try a sitting position when you want to make love without sound. You can sit straight, and your partner sits astride, or vice versa. This sex position facilitates genital stimulation and brings the two of you closer.

4. A cross position like scissors

In this position, you and your partner lie down by positioning the genital area in a particular situation, resembling an open pair of scissors. This sex position does not require much movement. So, you and your partner will not shake the bed to cause noise. However, this position provides a sensation that is not kidding.

5. Doggy style reclining position

You and your partner are familiar with doggy style sex positions. But have you tried the reclining version of doggy style? To do this sex position, you and your partner lay down with a pedestal on the stomach. You can make an appointment at the top and the pair at the bottom.
So that your partner’s back does not hurt, you and your partner can put a pillow under the stomach. You and your partner can swap positions.

Tips for making love without sound that it can apply

Tips for making love without sound that it can apply

In addition to paying attention to position, there are several other things to consider when you want to make love without sound. If conditions require you and your partner to hold back the moaning and moaning, there are a few tips you can follow.

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1. Find the right time

Choose the right time to make love when people around you don’t hear you and your partner’s sexual activity. Making love in the middle of the night or at dawn, when people are still asleep, can be a suitable choice of time.

2. Making love while bathing

They are having sex while washing and can muffle the sound you and your partner make because it can disguise the sound of water in the background.

3. Avoid mattresses for sex.

The mattress is the ideal place to sleep, but it can cause various sounds when you and your partner make love. To avoid the sound of the mattress creaking, especially on the spring bed, you and your partner are better off making love on the floor. If you feel uncomfortable, you can use a blanket or pillow as a base.

4. Find another location

If the distance between the rooms in your house is very close, choose another location to make love. Thus, you can avoid the risk of this sexual activity being overheard by children, relatives, or other people in the house. As an alternative, you can choose another location with a door. However, don’t do this if you and your partner stay at someone else’s house.

5. Put on music

Putting on some music can dispel the suspicions of others in the house. When making love at night, you can turn on music or television. However, you and your partner still have to control the sound when making love.

6. Prepare the pillow

Always prepare a pillow when you want to make love. So, if you or your partner want to moan loudly, you can use a pillow as a sound absorber. In addition, a scarf can also be an option. In addition to helping muffle the sound during orgasm, the presence of a pillow or scarf can also increase the pleasure of making love.

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7. Do outercourse and oral sex.

Making love in silence can be a distraction in the middle of your routine and your partner. To avoid noise that can cause noise, you and your partner can choose outercourse, aka sex that does not involve vaginal penetration. Kissing, masturbation, sexual fantasizing can be outercourse. In addition, oral sex is also worth doing as a silent lovemaking activity.

The vital thing to do when making love without sound

The vital thing to do when making love without sound

Making love without making the slightest sound can challenge you and your partner. However, you and your partner can make love in silence by doing some of the guidelines below.

1. Communicate

For some people, making love to make a sound is a pleasure. But for other people, the noise from sexual activity can be bothersome. Therefore, communicating with your partner about this is highly recommended.

2. Breathe through the nose

Inhaling and exhaling through the nose makes no sound compared to breathing through the mouth. However, to breathe through your nose, you have to take a deeper breath involving your diaphragm, abdomen, and pelvis. Next, feel the sensation!

3. Look into your partner’s eyes.

Looking into each other’s eyes is not only a stimulation when making love, but also increases the intimacy between you and your partner.

4. Make love slowly

Slowly making love can be a way to build moments of intimacy with your partner. In addition, this step can also help you make love in silence.

5. “Lock” the mouth

To not make a sound when you speak, you and your partner can kiss. Alternatively, you can put your finger in your partner’s mouth, or vice versa, to “lock” the mouth.

The presence of many people in the house can force you and your partner to find a sex position that will not cause noise. But, making love without a sound can increase the intimacy of both of you. With limited movement, you and your partner will feel their sensation when making love.

The benefits of having sex that you need to know are that it can lower blood pressure, burn calories, strengthen muscles, increase libido, reduce the risk of hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

You do not need to wait for an empty house to be able to make love with a partner because the moment may be difficult to find.

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