Best Parenting Tips for toddlers according to their developmental stage

10 Best Parenting Tips for toddlers according to their developmental stage

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Best Parenting Tips for toddlers according to their developmental stage

“Parenting Tips for toddlers” – As a parent, you certainly want to give your toddler a good start in life. One way is to practice the right parenting tips so that children grow up healthy and happy. Parenting is a process that aims to prepare children to be independent. As your toddler ages and grows and develops, there are many things parents can do to help them become good adults.

One way is to practice a series of parenting tips that positively impact child development. What are those?

Stages of Children’s development and problems

Most parents do not find it difficult to form a relationship and bond with the baby in infancy. However, as the child gets older and his personality becomes clearer, several problems can potentially arise at this stage of his development.
When the baby enters the age of two, he usually has his own will that he cannot communicate well. This period is often referred to as the terrible two.

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Terrible two are when children often have tantrums because the people around them fail to understand their wishes.

Another challenging period is when children enter puberty and adolescence. At this time, the baby changes physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Some children and parents go through puberty and adolescence smoothly. At the same time, others may find various stumbling blocks.

Facing every problem at various stages of child development can be done with a positive parenting attitude.

Parenting tips for toddlers and happy parents

Dutch parenting styles that make children happy

Maintaining a balanced relationship between parents and children has its art. It is sometimes difficult and other times easy.

Here are ten parenting tips that you can apply to your child:

Get to know your child’s strengths and strengths

Make your child’s strengths the basis for building his confidence and his capital to help him continue to struggle to overcome difficulties in life.

Punishment is not as effective as praise and rewards

Instead of focusing on your child’s weaknesses and mistakes, find ways and parenting styles to help him develop to his full potential. Children can develop talents that will cover their shortcomings when getting moral encouragement.

Avoid adverse emotional reactions.

When a toddler fails to control his behavior, adverse reactions from his parents will make him feel worse. For example, anger, sarcasm, or ridicule at children. Also, avoid labeling children, such as the words ‘you are dirty.’ So the next parenting tip is to give only brief warnings and suggestions to remind children so that they can control their behavior.

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Never compare your child with your brother or sister

Comparing a child with his sibling can make him think that his older brother or sister is more loved by his parents. It can lead to fights between siblings, lifelong rivalries, and potentially family problems.
Make sure all your children know that they receive equal love from their parents.

There is no need to be ashamed to ask for help

if you feel the need. Raising children has its own set of problems. You do not need to feel embarrassed if this hurts your physical and mental condition as a parent because you are not the only one who feels this way. If necessary, you can seek professional help (a psychologist or psychiatrist). Applying these parenting tips will better maintain your family’s mental health, and you can still enjoy relationships with children.

Give positive attention to toddlers.

Parenting patterns keeping children's mental health

If you feel inattentive at home, your child is at risk of seeking attention outside the home. This kind of outside attention is not all good. Sometimes, negative attention can also be obtained by children.
But for the child, negative attention is better than no attention. So try always to listen and communicate with your child.

Supervise your child’s internet usage

In this digital era, danger can come from sites and social media accessed by children. Therefore, the next parenting tip is that parents must be technology literate so that they can monitor children’s activities in cyberspace.

Accept the changes in your life after having children

Waking up and relaxing at home on Saturday or Sunday mornings may not be in parents’ minds anymore. Various activities replace this to support children’s activities.
But try to keep the husband-wife relationship harmonious so that you and your partner have time alone. For example, occasionally leaving your children with your grandparents so you can date them.

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Be a role model for children in behavior.

Without you knowing it, toddlers will always imitate their parents’ behavior. If you act up in front of your child, you indirectly permit him to misbehave.
Therefore, first, check yourself if at any time you find a particular child’s behavior that you think is not good.

Never give up when a child is in trouble.

It can overcome all problems with parents with good intentions, grit, and humor. A troubled child or teenager can grow into a good person with the right parenting tips and support.
You can also seek professional support when you feel overwhelmed and deal with it. Examples are psychologists and experienced psychiatrists.

It will not fully open the mystery about the future of toddlers. But how you carry out your role as a parent will contribute to determining his future. Therefore, stay calm and never give up on facing the stage of toddler development.

Try to enjoy your life journey as a parent so that the pressure doesn’t feel like a burden. If you’ve applied all the parenting tips and are still feeling down, don’t be reluctant or embarrassed to ask for help from a professional psychologist or psychiatrist.

Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re a failure as a parent. It is a conscious step to maintain your mental health to be better in accompanying the growth and development of toddlers.

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