Toddler Sleep Problems

6 Toddler Sleep Problems and Effective Ways to Overcome

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Toddler Sleep children

Sleep problems in toddlers are very diverse. These problems can make parents frustrated and confuse themselves to dealing with them.

How not? When it’s time for the child to sleep, he continues to play. Sometimes also accompanied by fussing or crying. So how do you deal with toddler sleep problems? Check out the various ways to solve it in the following explanation!

Toddler Sleep Problems and How to Overcome It

1. Waking up at Night

The first toddler sleep problem is that he often wakes up at night. According to a study in the United States, toddler boys and girls experiencing this problem reaches 25.7%.

It is usually adjusted to the child’s age or habits that begin to change to overcome this problem. If waking up at night has become a child’s habit, you should delay bedtime for 15-20 minutes so that toddlers feel a little tired.

If your child suddenly wakes up screaming at night, you should immediately go to your child and calm them down. Try playing a lullaby, telling a story, or doing another routine. Do this until you’re sure he’s back asleep and okay.

2. Cry Before Sleeping

Toddler Sleep Problems

At the age of 10-18 months, children’s anxiety about separating from their parents peaked. It causes it to cry when you put it in the bedroom. Another reason is that the child’s imagination is very high, and maybe he fantasizes about scary creatures.

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One way to deal with toddler sleep problems is to sit near the bed when the child is going to sleep. Tell him that you will accompany him but do not have any interaction with him.

Every night, start drifting away with him. For example, this week you are at his bedside, then next week you are waiting only in front of the bedroom door. Slowly, he will get used to it and begin to sleep independently.

3. Regularity and Duration of Sleep

The next toddler sleep problem is parents’ habit when they are going to put their children to sleep. Sometimes they argue around the child, so the toddler feels stressed and worried. It will increase the duration of toddlers’ sleep.

To overcome this toddler sleep problem, you can accompany and invite your child to sleep together by creating a calm and positive atmosphere.

4. Nightmare

Nightmares can also be a toddler sleep problem. If your child experiences it, give him an understanding. Say that dreams are like paintings and drawings, meaning that the child can paint a good or scary picture.

Also, let them know that the child will be safe and acceptable.

5. Irregular Breathing

According to data from the BEARS study, both boys and girls experience sleep problems. It was 6.6% for boys who had sleep problems, while it was 7.7% for girls.

The most effective way to deal with this toddler sleep problem is to wake the child 15 minutes after he falls asleep. It is believed to be able to overcome night terrors or irregular breathing.

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If irregular breathing occurs in your toddler every night, you should immediately take the child to the doctor.

6. Wriggle and cry suddenly

A toddler’s sleep problem that should not be underestimated is when he suddenly cries and struggles. If this is the case, you need to come immediately and calm him down.

In addition, try to make sure that the bed he uses is safe so that he doesn’t endanger the toddler when he suddenly cries or struggles.

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