Outdoor toys for toddlers

5 Outdoor toys for toddlers ready Installed indoors

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Outdoor toys for toddlers are important because Children love to move. When at home, their movement is limited. But that doesn’t mean the toddler can’t stay active even though he’s at home.

During the pandemic, toddlers cannot play on the playground. They get bored quickly and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry; we have five recommendations for outdoor toys that you can install at home.

Outdoor toys for toddlers

Outdoor toys for toddlers
Outdoor toys for toddlers

1. Door swing

One Outdoor toy for toddlers that is very easy to make is a swing made in a door frame. You can prepare a rope that is strong enough to swing.

source: amazon

As for the seat, you can use a robust and thick cloth. It’s that easy swing is done.

If you want to be more secure, you can make it from iron as a swing hook handle. Some online stores already have swings attached to the door frame.

All back to your choice, want to make your own or buy it.

2. Outdoor toys for toddlers: Basketball hoop

One can place it in the yard or garage. The basketball hoop is perfect for toddlers who are active and enjoy sports.

source: amazon

You can choose three types of rings. Those who stick to the wall can stand alone or with a cloth container for the ball to drop.

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Who can adjust all to the size of the house and garage you have.

Outdoor toys for toddlers: Wall climbing

Another outdoor toy that can make it indoors is wall climbing. You can install wall climbing steps on the little one’s room walls.

source: amazon

Make sure to install it at the appropriate distance. Don’t let the steps make it difficult for your little one to climb.

One more thing, make sure also to provide a safe base under the climbing wall area. So there is less chance of injury to the child.

With the presence of this toy on the wall of the house, your little one can stay active without having to leave the house.

Outdoor toys for toddlers: Obstacle ride

Who can make this game from items you have at home. You can make obstacle paths from tables, chairs, tents, etc.

source: amazon

Even an empty hallway plastered with transverse duct tape can also be an area of ​​the toddler’s path. Add a few obstacles like a bucket of water or a shoebox for a more exciting challenge.

But if you don’t want to bother, you can also buy obstacle rides. Its shape is like a long tunnel with a ball pool. Various types of paths are available. Just choose which one is the most suitable for the toddler.

Outdoor toys for toddlers: Mini trampoline

Are you Tired of seeing your little one jumping on the sofa or bed? Maybe it’s time to buy a trampoline.

source: amazon

There are many types of trampolines to choose from. Even a mini trampoline for 1.5-year-olds is available.

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There is a small trampoline suitable for toddlers. The shape is mini, but its safety is guaranteed because it equips with a handle and a protective area.

Meanwhile, if the baby is big enough, maybe you can buy or rent a relatively spacious trampoline. In addition to its wider size, its ability is also more vital to accommodate children’s weight.

Those are five types of outdoor toys that can be installed or placed in the house. Mama can buy it or rent it for some time. Most importantly, your little one can stay active and entertained.

Benefits of Playing for Children

Play is something that every child likes. Children can forget the time when they are busy playing.

Therefore, sometimes parents often limit their children’s playing because they think it is just a waste of time without providing benefits for the child. Of course, this assumption is very wrong.

Improve Cognitive Function

Playing is not only related to fun in children. Play can also be used as a place to stimulate children in a fun way.

For example, you can teach children to count, mention vocabulary, and train their memory when playing with children. These things can improve your child’s cognitive function.

Be More Creative

Play activities are also helpful in making children more creative. The reason is that when playing, children can develop their thinking processes and new ideas so that their creativity is formed.

For this reason, give freedom to children to play with their imaginations.

Practicing Self-Control and Emotions

The benefits of playing for children’s development are related to emotional control. Playing can train self-control and control a child’s emotions, especially if he plays with friends or other people.

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By playing together, children practice giving turns to play with their friends to reduce selfishness.

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