best ways to put a baby to sleep

The 8 best ways to put a baby to sleep that you can try at home

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best ways to put a baby to sleep

Parents need to know how to put a baby to sleep because newborns are still difficult to distinguish between day and night. If the baby has difficulty sleeping at night, parents can be overwhelmed, tired, and stressed because they don’t get enough time to sleep.

Along with the development and age of the baby, this will affect his sleeping pattern, which is getting better and more regular.

So how do you get your baby to sleep fast and well at night? Here’s the full review.

How to put a baby to sleep effectively

According to the Mayo Clinic, most newborns sleep 16 hours or more a day. There is an average sleep time for babies. However, every baby has its wake and sleep pattern. For example, some only sleep for a short time, for instance, at night.

Even though every baby’s sleeping habits are different, parents still need to consistently do their part in caring for their baby so that he sleeps soundly at night.

Here are some tips or ways to put your baby to sleep so that he falls asleep quickly, such as:

1. Install proper lighting during the day and night

Babies rely on light or light to understand the world around them. A dark room will trigger the release of melatonin or the sleep hormone, which has been shown to increase sleep efficiency and sleep duration.
Therefore, try doing the following light strategies as a way to put the baby to sleep so that they sleep soundly:

  • Let the sunshine in the house or take the baby outside to look around in the morning.
  • Naps can also be in a room that still has bright enough lighting.
  • Start dimming the lights before the baby’s bedtime (about 2 hours before bedtime), then turn it off to calm him down. Ensure the baby’s room temperature is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • If the baby wakes up at night, do not turn on the light. Use a small light to check its condition and turn it off as soon as done. You have to let the baby go back to sleep.
  • Wake the child at sunrise.
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2. Set the baby’s bedtime

Research conducted on 405 mothers – shows that the little one who is ‘accustomed’ to regular sleeping hours will sleep more easily, soundly, and less chance of baby crying at night.
Therefore, it is essential to get used to this regularly since the baby is 6-8 weeks old. It may achieve a good sleep routine by performing the following steps:

  • Encourage baby to play active games during the day and quiet games in the afternoon. It is done to make the baby tired because of activities during the day.
  • Before bed, make sure you and your baby only do quiet activities or do not require a lot of energy.
  • Many babies enjoy a warm bath before bedtime to calm the body.
  • Do the baby’s favourite activity before bedtime at night. Thus, he will look forward to his sleep.
  • Make the room conditions at night remain consistent so that the baby feels comfortable. Pay attention to the room temperature at bedtime. Not too cold or too hot.
  • If babies wake up in the middle of the night, the sounds and lights in the room should remain the same as when they were asleep.

3. Avoid holding the baby when he wakes up

Parenting for New Parents

If your baby wakes up during a nap or in the middle of the night, don’t immediately get up and check on him. Monitor the baby from a distance to ensure his condition. Usually, the baby will slowly fall back asleep.

One type of sleep and cry training is the Ferber Method, also known as “Progressive Watching” or “Graduated Extinction.” The goal is to teach your baby to sleep independently and fall back asleep when he wakes up during the night.
However, don’t wait for the baby to cry out loud. Anticipate and study the baby’s sleeping habits to find the right approach.

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4. Avoid Eye Contact

Eye contact with parents will provoke stimulation of the baby so that the baby’s drowsiness will disappear.
Another way to put the baby to sleep is not to make eye contact so that he falls asleep immediately.
Minimize interactions between mother and baby, such as talking or singing her favourite song. Try to stay still, look at the baby’s tummy, and gently pat the baby to sleep.

5. Don’t change diapers too often.

Many parents have strict rules about changing diaper schedules, especially at night. Not infrequently, the baby is awakened, and it even becomes difficult to fall back asleep.

To make babies sleep at night, you can try to use high-quality baby diapers. In addition, it is enough to change the diaper if the baby has a bowel movement or the diaper is dirty.

6. Give milk early

If the baby is having trouble sleeping, give an earlier feeding session, for example, around 10-12 pm.
It is also a way to put the baby to sleep. The reason is that when the baby is complete, it will make him sleep longer, and he doesn’t have to keep getting up in the middle of the night because he feels hungry.

7. Immediately put a sleepy baby to bed

Common mistakes in new parents

When your baby is 6-12 weeks old, you can soothe him to sleep in a sling.
However, put him straight into the crib as soon as sleepy. Don’t wait until your little one sleeps in your arms.
This routine will teach your baby to calm himself while sleeping. Plus, this will help him sleep fast, and you won’t have to cuddle him every time he wakes up at night.

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8. Please pay attention to when he starts sleeping regularly

Generally, at the age of 3-5 months, babies may be used to a bedtime routine. It can save you from trying to put your baby to sleep.

However, he also needs to adapt to his new habits. Also, please pay attention to his habits. For example, your little one always sleeps fast or likes to wake up early. As long as the bedtime is regular, parents also need to get used to this.

Remember that parents need to be consistent in tips or ways to get the baby to sleep well at night.

What causes babies to have trouble sleeping at night?

signs of GERD in babies

Maybe you’re also wondering about babies having trouble sleeping at night. Most of these conditions are related to temporary situations, such as health problems, teething, baby development, or changes in routine.

If you already understand how to make a baby sleep soundly, here are some of the causes of a baby having trouble sleeping at night, such as:

  • Are adjusting to life outside the womb. Generally, it takes about 11 weeks for him to get used to the sleep cycle.
  • Feeling hungry, for that, he often wakes up to feed.
    Babies are so tired that they take longer to fall asleep.
  • Experiencing certain health conditions or diseases that make the body feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not want to be separated from their parents, so sleeping at night is more complicated.
  • Still adapting to the new room or bed. For that, make sure the place is comfortable.

How to put a fussy baby to sleep can also be done by applying the steps above. However, if the baby has trouble sleeping with worrying symptoms such as fever or difficulty breathing to interfere with his activities, immediately consult a doctor.

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