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Parenting advice techniques to make children obedient

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Best parenting advice techniques to make children obedient

There are times when the advice given by parents to children has not listened. Children even forget their parents’ directions. Could there be something wrong with the way you have been advising your child all this time?

The best parenting advice techniques you need to use. So you as a parent do not need to be discouraged when your child does not listen to advice because there are many effective ways to advise children to listen and obey.

Best parenting advice techniques to make children obedient

Don’t be so quick to judge your child when he doesn’t want to hear your advice. It could be the advice you give is too long or sounds cornering. So that children want to listen to their parents’ advice, try these various effective ways of advising children.

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Best parenting advice techniques to make children obedient

1. Look into his eyes

If parents want their child’s advice to be heard, the first thing to do is get the child’s attention. Therefore, try to look into his eyes and ask your child to look into your eyes. It is also believed to strengthen communication between you and your child.

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Avoid other activities when advising children. Focus on the advice you will give your child. Do not let you recommend him by shouting from the kitchen or workspace. Come to him and speak nicely.

2. Using the child’s name when advising him

Just like adults, children also like to be called by their names. Therefore, try to use the child’s name when advising him. Calling the child by name can also attract the child’s attention to listen to your advice.

Suppose the child is doing another activity when you call him. Wait for the child to stop doing the action and focus on your call. That way, the child can catch the message of the advice given to him.

3. Find the right time

Don’t be in a hurry when you want to advise children. Try to find the right time. Do not give advice when the child is busy with something.

Try telling him, “I see you’re busy. Can you spare some time for us to talk later?” That way, children will feel that their parents can respect their busy lives.

4. Don’t get tired of repeating the same advice

Do not despair when advising children. Even though the child is angry when being announced, try to keep repeating the same advice so that the child hears the message of the direction.

If you have repeated the advice, try asking the child to explain again what it just advised him. It ensures the direction is truly embedded in the child.

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5. Give the child a choice

When you’re advising children, try to give them options. That way, the child will feel that he has the authority to manage his own life.

Giving them choices will also help your child make the best decisions. For example, if you want to advise your child to brush their teeth before bed, try asking them to choose which toothpaste they would like to use.

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Best parenting advice techniques to make children obedient

6. Touch the child gently

When you want to advise children, don’t forget to touch their bodies gently, embracing or hugging them.

Keep in mind children will learn in different ways. If parents have used verbal messages and gentle physical touch, then the child is believed to listen to what you will advise him.

7. Be a consistent and patient parent

If you want your child to listen to and obey their parents’ advice, you must also be consistent. The parents are bored and tired of repeating the suggestion because the child does not want to hear the direction once.

Consistency and patience are needed when you want to advise children. If you are consistent and patient, the child will listen to your advice.

8. Appreciate children by giving gifts

There are many ways to advise children to obey, one of which is giving them gifts. The gift meant here is not just buying him new toys or clothes. Praise can also be considered a good gift for a child.

For example, when your child is obedient to dinner at the table with his family and leaves his favourite television show, you can allow him to return to watching television for 15 minutes after the dinner session is over.

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Try to find the right gift for your child so that he will listen and obey parents’ advice.

9. Be a good listener

The following way to advise a stubborn child is to be a good listener. If you want your children to listen to advice, you also need to be a good listener.

When you listen to complaints or just children’s stories, they will also learn to be good listeners like their parents.

That way, in the future, children can begin to respect and listen to the advice given by their parents.

10. Give punishment when the child disobeys

To advise a child that is worth trying is to give punishment when he does not want to listen and obey.

Quoted from Very Well Family, the punishment given does not need a scream, let alone physical punishment.

The punishment in question can be in the form of firmness. For example, if your child doesn’t want to listen to your advice, don’t let your child hold his cell phone or watch television. That way, children can learn that parental guidance needs to be heeded.

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