Low impact cardio only 10 minutes workout

Seven movements low impact cardio, just 10 minutes of home workout

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Low impact cardio is generally done if you are short on time, equipment, and event space. Then your coming to this article is the answer. This workout is just 10 minutes and includes a variety of low-intensity and high-intensity exercises to get your heart rate up without jumping. Do these exercises at home or on the road to burn calories and stay in shape.

Preventive measure:

See your doctor before trying this exercise if you have an injury, illness, or other condition.

Equipment Required:

There is not any

How to?

  • Do the exercises for the recommended amount of time, one at a time, with little or no rest in between
  • Do the circuit once for a 10-minute workout or six times for a longer, more intense workout.
  • Change or skip any exercise that causes pain or discomfort. Add extra rest time if you need
Low impact cardio only 10 minutes workout

Low impact cardio 10 minutes workout

Step Touch

Duration: 1 Min

Step Touch

How: Warm up for one minute with light cardio, such as touch steps. Step to the side with the left foot, take the arm up, and then step the right foot on the left. Repeat to the right, moving quickly and swinging your arms to get your heart rate. You can also take the upper arm for more intensity.

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Duration: 1 Minute

Low impact cardio, just 10 minutes of home workout

How: Take it to the next level by standing wide with your arms straight. Bend the waist, and bring the left arm toward the right leg. Please stand up and repeat the movement on the left as fast as possible. Bend your knees if you have back pain. Repeat for one minute.

Knee Smashes

Duration: 1 minute on each side

Low impact cardio, only 10 minutes workout

How: Extend your arms and bring your left knee up and across your body while lowering your arm. Go back to start and repeat, doing as fast as possible to get a heart rate for one minute. Repeat on the other side for one minute.

Forward Kick with Lunge

Duration: 1 Min on each side

Low impact cardio, only 10 minutes workout

How: Bring your right knee up and extend your leg with a tongs front kick, then bring the same leg back into the straight leg when it hits the floor. Repeat low kicks and lunges for one minute and repeat the sequence on the other side for another minute.

Bear Crawls

Duration: 1 Minute

Low impact cardio, only 10 minutes workout

How: Squat onto the floor and extend your arms until you’re in a plank position. Do push-ups on your knees or toes and then walk back to the squatting hand and stand up. Add a jump at the end for more intensity. Repeat for one minute.

Side Knee with Side Kick

Duration: 1 Min on each side

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How to:

With your feet wide apart, lift your left knee to the side, bringing your elbow toward your knee. Take your left leg down and shift the weight onto your left leg while kicking it to the side. Repeat as fast as you can for one minute on the left and one minute on the right.

Squat Kick

Duration: 1 Min, Repeat the whole series one or more times.

How to:

With your clenched hands, squat down as low as possible, bringing your hips back. As you stand, kick with your right foot. Repeat the movement, kicking with the left foot: repeat alternating kicks for one minute.

Good food for fitness

Your body needs different nutrients because each nutrient has a different role in helping you do 10 minutes of cardio at home. However, the three primary nutrients that must be present are:

1. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates contain glucose that muscles use as fuel during exercise. In addition, carbohydrates can also be stored as glycogen which can be used as energy reserves. This glycogen requirement depends on the type and duration of the exercise performed.

2. Protein

Protein is needed to build muscle and red blood cells, carrying oxygen and nutrients to muscles. You can get several benefits if you consume protein before exercise, including increasing strength and muscle mass, helping muscle recovery, and supporting muscle performance.

3. Fat

Fat is a source of energy for moderate to high-intensity exercise. A study revealed that people who regularly eat foods that contain 40% fat have better endurance while running.

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