35 love Messages for your beloved wife

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In establishing a loving relationship for a married couple, feelings of love and affection must always be nurtured and maintained. The connection remains romantic and lasting until death does them apart.

The wife is the husband’s companion who must be protected and happy. It doesn’t have to always be with luxurious items to make his wife happy, and a husband can express his feelings of love every day with romantic words for his wife.

Expressing romantic words for your wife with love can make the relationship warmer, and the love in this household will grow. The following are romantic words for the wife, quoted from Brilio:

Love Messages for your beloved wife

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“I want to spend the rest of my life with only you, because I know being beside you is a big joy for me.”

“If the moon could talk, it would whisper in my ear and say that it envy you because you shine brighter than it.”

“Don’t always say you miss me, just feel me, I’m in your heart.”

“Thank you for always giving your best to make me and our children happy.”

“I go to bed, always thinking about you. And I wake up just the same.”

“Today, yesterday, and so on, I will always be happy and grateful to you. You are the source of my happiness.”

“Love is like a circle that has no other point. Brother hope, we will remain a circle until death do us part.”

“You are the sky, I am the sea. And our love always meets on the horizon. Happy birthday my ex-girlfriend!”

Love Messages for your beloved wife

source: pexels

“Finally I understand the beauty of love, it’s all because of you.”

“No matter how bad your past was, all I need is to be able to live with you and live a future with you.”

“You are the first love of my life, and I want you to be my last.”

“My heart contains all the happiness in the world because you are the love of my life, my wife and my best friend.”

“Our love is the best love, because you have made my faith increase, also helped me in this world. That’s why, I want to meet you again in heaven.”

“Wife, you are my present, and all of my tomorrow.”

“The only perfect thing this universe can be proud of is the incredible sweet love that you and I share.”

“Thank you for the days full of love. May it always blossom until the end of life.”

“Never stop loving me, as the sun always loves the earth.”

“You want to know who I always fall in love with? Please look at the first word you read, that’s the answer.”

“Long before I found you, I knew you in my prayers.”

“My wife may not be perfect, but she is perfect in my eyes.”

“I never want to see you sad. Only happiness is what I want to see from your beautiful face.”

“I am indeed jealous, but only to you.”

“It’s an honor to be able to hug you like this and happily call you mine.”

“Indeed a man is not the one who wants a million women around him, but a real man wants one woman who he got with a million steps of struggle.”

“Meeting you was fate, being your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you, I can’t control it.”

Love Messages for your beloved wife

source: pexels

“The number of years we spent together, taught me one thing. That there is no one better and more sincere, than you.”

“My dear wife, this longing is sometimes unfriendly. There are things that make this longing so heavy.”

“I didn’t see a single star in the sky, apparently I know why. Because the star is now in front of me.”

“We’ve been through so much and I wouldn’t want to go through it with anyone except you.”

“We’ve been through so much and I wouldn’t want to go through it with anyone except you.”

“You are here to give love, bring happiness, and give endless longing.”

“Your love is like the lamp in the window that leads me home through the darkest nights.”

“My beautiful wife, I want you completely, forever, you and me, every day.”

“You are the part of me that I always need.”

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