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5 Educational apps and games for Kids on gadgets

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Educational Apps and Games

Educational Apps and Games – The rapid development of technology has changed Little One’s learning method. One of them can now use games for children.

Institutional-based education, such as schools, still exists.

However, now the kids can use many additional tools to support the learning process, both academic and non-academic lessons.

The most widely used sources today are gadgets and the internet. When these two tools collaborate, they can be a great learning resource and a terrific information tool.

With a variety of applications available on a handful of smartphones, there is a lot of knowledge that your little one can learn.

Educational Apps for Kids

For example, the games for children are educational below, which can be used as teaching-based entertainment for your little one.

It can obtain it for those of you who use Android gadgets. Here are various educational applications for children, reported by Android Authority and Pocket Gamer.

1. Kids Games Free – Education

Educational Apps and Games for Kids/ source: kidsgameforfree

This game for children is suitable for learning for children aged 2-4 years which you can download for free.

This game offers ten types of learning games, such as:

  • Learn notation to play the piano
  • Learn numbers and colours
  • Train memory or memory by matching pictures

2. PBS Kids Videos

Educational Apps and Games for Kids/ source: youtube

PBS is a game for children that offers to learn through video, with various kinds of fun videos with child-friendly content.

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Through watching funny cartoons, your little one will enjoy the videos and subconsciously have learned various kinds of knowledge.

This game for children also features an educational goal tracker, which parents can monitor their little one’s learning progress.

3. The Endless Kids Games

Educational Apps and Games for Kids/ source:

The Endless Kids Games is a game for children that contains a collection of children’s games consisting of several groups of games, such as:

  • Endless Alphabet
  • Endless Reader
  • Endless Numbers
  • Endless Wordplay

The games are easy to play and help your little one learn letters and numbers, read, and play words.

The Endless Kids Games consists of 2 versions, namely free and paid. You can adapt it to the needs of the Little One.

4. Wordscapes

Educational Apps and Games for Kids/ source: gamesforu

Wordscapes is the right choice of games for kids if you want to teach your little one a lot of new vocabulary in English.

Your little one will have unlimited attempts to solve a crossword puzzle (with a few hints) containing an English word.

This game for kids will challenge your little one on several levels by banning 3-letter words and offering extra points.

If successful, get all the words in a certain order. Available play this game for children on Android, iOS, and PC.

5. CodeSpark Academy

CodeSpark Academy is one of those games for kids with real educational value.

Educational Apps and Games for Kids

Games help teach kids the basics of coding through simple counting games.

You might think this game is for older kids, but elementary school kids can.

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If your child is old enough to play Minecraft, they are old enough to play this game.

This game for kids also features daily rewards for solving puzzles and no ads and can be downloaded for free.

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