Safe Exercises for Seniors

7 Safe Exercises for Seniors to Do without the need to go to the gym

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Safe Exercises for Seniors

Safe Exercises for Seniors” – Every individual of any age needs to exercise regularly to maintain physical fitness. The elderly are no exception. The body that is getting old is not an obstacle to continuing exercising. By exercising, older adults can be more active and avoid joint problems.

However, of course, not all sports are recommended for the elderly. The proportion of exercise is also limited and different from younger people. Here are the types of light exercise that are safe and good for the elderly to do.

7 Safe Exercises for Seniors

In general, a good exercise for the elderly is an exercise with low to moderate intensity. Strenuous exercise and in a time that is not recommended considering the body functions of the elderly who are not as good as younger people. The following types of exercise are safe for the elderly:

Fast Walk

Brisk walking is a less intense aerobic exercise than jogging, but it is still a very beneficial exercise for the elderly. Brisk walking can increase heart rate and muscle strength. Compared to jogging, brisk walking also has less impact on the joints. So if your knees or ankles are weak enough, brisk walking will be a much better exercise option than jogging.


Cycling also includes aerobic exercise, which is good for the heart health of the elderly. You can do stationary cycling available at the gym or biking while looking for fresh air outdoors. In addition to not impacting the joints, the possibility of injury is also tiny.

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Another good aerobic exercise for the elderly is swimming. Swimming will not make the joints too stressed because the body’s weight is supported by water. Swimming is also a great exercise option for those with arthritis and osteoporosis.


7 Safe Exercises for Seniors

Squats are a simple and effective way to get your daily dose of balance exercise. This exercise does not require any equipment other than your body weight. This exercise requires you to lower yourself from a standing position to a semi-sitting position. Another variation of the squat is to start from a seated position in a chair and slowly get up, with your arms extended parallel to the floor and not gripping anything for support.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a low-intensity exercise, but it has tremendous benefits for balance and flexibility. Tai Chi is a mindful exercise that relaxes the body and improves focus. So, apart from being good for physical health, this sport is also suitable for mental health.


Stretching should be done every day because this is an important exercise to maintain the condition of the elderly muscles that are getting slack. Make sure you push all the different muscles in your body, such as your neck, back, chest, abs, sides, arms, thighs, and calves. Do it in the joints in the body regularly so as not to stiffen, such as shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles.


Yoga is a more structured stretching exercise. Exercise helps build muscle at the same time. While you’ll be training your muscles to support your weight during yoga, this stress won’t put too much emphasis on your joints. Therefore, yoga is excellent for those who have problems with their bones or joints.

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