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Do 4 chest exercises for women to tighten their breasts

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A sagging chest can affect a woman’s self-confidence. However, there is no need to worry. You can do some chest exercises for women to get the chest shape of their dreams. This exercise is also reasonably practical and can be done at home.

Chest exercises for women are chest or upper body exercises. This exercise trains the breast, shoulder, and upper arm muscles to look firmer while increasing their mass.

In addition, these various chest exercises for women can also make your breasts position slightly raised compared to before. But remember that this chest exercise for women will not increase or decrease your breast tissue.

Various chest exercises for women

Here are some exercises for breast tightening that you can do at the gym or home:

1. Push-ups

Build Chest Muscles at the gym

One of the chest exercises for women is the push-up movement. Push-ups aim to strengthen and activate the muscles of the upper body with the following actions:

  • Take a lying prone position by resting on the palms of the hands and the tips of the feet
  • Straighten your hands with an open position shoulder-width apart between your palms on the floor
  • Keep your body straight from your head to your heels, straighten your legs and keep your knees off the floor.
  • Lower your body until your elbows form an angle of 90°
  • Make sure your chest is down, but don’t touch the floor
  • Hold for a moment, then straighten your elbows again
  • Repeat this push-up movement ten times per set and do this movement for three sets
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You can do a modified push-up if the standard push-up is too difficult or heavy. Examples are wall push-ups with a table or ladder pedestal and push-ups by resting on your knees to make the load lighter.

2. Dumbbell fly

Another chest exercise for women is lifting weights with dumbbells using the dumbbell fly technique. Here’s how to do it:

  • Lie on your back on the floor with each hand holding a dumbbell of about 2 kg
  • Extend your arms to the sides and bend your elbows 90° so that the weight is on your upper hand
  • Bay the knees up with the position of the soles of the feet fully on the floor, then raise your hands until they are straight in front of your chest
  • After that, return your hands to their original position
  • Do this movement about 30 times per set, then add 2 to 3 collections gradually

Use a gym ball to help you lie down with your knees bent until your feet touch the floor.

Drag curls
Various chest exercises for women

3. Isometric chest

Isometric exercises focus on muscle contraction with the help of an exercise ball. This exercise can be done during a warm-up or a cool-down session and is one of the exercises to lift the breasts. Here’s how to do a chest isometric:

  • Sit up straight on an exercise ball or chair, then straighten your back and pull your abs in
  • Hold the exercise ball at chest level with your arms bent at 90°, then squeeze the exercise ball to tighten your chest
  • Straighten your arms slowly while continuing to squeeze the ball
  • Keep constant pressure on the ball throughout the movement
  • Return the ball to the front of the chest and repeat for 1-3 sets with ten actions per set and 30 seconds rest
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To tone your lower chest muscles you can also lower your arms up to 45° to tone your lower chest muscles.

4. Traveling plank

The plank movement can be one of the chest exercises for women. Here’s how to do a travelling plank:

  • Start in a plank position, where your head and neck are parallel
  • Make sure your lower back doesn’t bend or drop
  • Tighten your middle body, then lift your right hand and right leg and take a step
  • Do this ten times before moving to the left hand and left foot.
  • Repeat this travelling plank for three sets

The dynamic movement of the travelling plank only focuses on the chest muscles, thus helping you to tighten your breasts.

To get maximum results, do chest exercises gradually according to the ability of the women above. Consult your doctor or fitness trainer if you have special health conditions before exercising.

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