How to increase oxygen in our blood – blood oxygen level

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increase blood oxygen level

Oxygen is essential in our life. Every living being needs oxygen to sustain their life. The amount of oxygen needed depends on the size of the thing. The bigger the size, the more oxygen needed to sustain them. It also applies to human being as well.

The healthy people need not to worry about their breathing process since with the usual oxygen intake, the body can sustain the working of its part. If the body or the brain needs more oxygen, it will send signal for us to breathe more air by yawning, taking a very deep breath. After doing that, usually we become fresher a little bit.

However, it will be different if we have problem in our breathing for example due to the Covid-19 which plague us for several years. During the peak disaster a year ago, many people passed away due to the low blood oxygen level resulting in organ failure in the body.

Therefore, increasing blood oxygen level is an essential thing to do even if we are in a healthy condition.

How to increase blood oxygen level

increase blood oxygen level

Actually, there are so many things you can do to increase your blood oxygen level; however, the most basic and simplest thing is by breathing.

Human being is able to do breathing instinctively so that’s why we can still be able to breath even if we are in a condition not being able to control our body movement such as when we are sleeping.

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To maximize the air intake to our lungs is to make the parts of body needed in breathing expand as much as possible which are stomach and chest.

Type of breathing

increase blood oxygen level
  1. Chest breathing
  2. Stomach breathing
  3. Diaphragm breathing

There are several types of breathing people commonly use.

Best breathing technique to increase blood oxygen level

increase blood oxygen level

Looking at those kinds of breathing techniques, the best way to maximize the blood oxygen level in our body is using the third type of breathing which is diaphragm breathing.

By using both chest and stomach at the same time while breathing, we will breathe more air compared to using just one. Thus, it will provide much more oxygen to our blood. 

It surely needs more concentration compared to the other breathing types since normally people use either stomach or chest in their breathing. All you need to do is being aware on the breathing process, you need to utilize both stomach and chest in your breathing.

You can try to use this breathing technique every day and feel the difference compared to your usual breathing.

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