5 Minutes Cardio at home

5 Minutes of Cardio at home to get a healthy and fit body

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5 Minutes Cardio at home

You can do many ways to nourish the body. One way that you can do to keep your body healthy is to do cardio regularly. It is said that you only need to do 5 minutes of cardio to stay healthy. For more details, read the following review!

Know-How Cardio Works for a Healthy Body

Not a few people have difficulty taking the time to exercise. However, the health of the body needs to be maintained so that activities are not disturbed. You can only spend 5 minutes per day doing cardio. This short time can still increase energy and metabolism in the body.

People mentioned that physical activity needs to be done for 75 minutes every week. However, it does not mean that high-intensity exercise in a shorter time does not have a good effect on the body. Many benefits can be felt when exercising regularly, such as weight loss, better sleep, and increased body energy.

You need to know that the postponed habit of exercising will get heavier over time. Therefore, exercise at low intensity at first and then increase slowly over time. According to Nick Clayton, Exercise Manager at the National Strength and Conditioning Association, five minutes of exercise a day can make the mind for training become more routine.

Then, how about cardio movements that it can do in 5 minutes?

Some cardio movements that you can use as inspiration can be done for just 5 minutes. Do each exercise for 60 seconds and rest for 15 seconds.

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Movement 1:

Stand straight with your hands by your sides and feet together. After that, jump while opening your legs, spread your arms and bring your hands together while making a pat on the top of the head.

Movement 2:

Use the sofa to put your hands together like a push-up. After that, move to climb with your fingertips on the shaft. Also, do leg movements such as running while still piling your hands on the sofa.

Movement 3:

Initially, spread your feet shoulder-width apart and extend your arms in front of you. Lower your hips by placing your weight on your thighs. After that, do squats to strengthen your lower body.

Movement 4:

First, sleep on your back and place your hands above your head. After that, bend your knees and alternately make movements like pedalling a bicycle. When your left leg moves, lift your head to move from right to left and vice versa (like a push-up). This movement is helpful to help train the abdominal muscles.

Low impact cardio only 10 minutes workout

In addition to cardio, you can also list the types of sports you want. You can do gymnastics, yoga, swimming, or even jogging. Then do this sport by targeting a short time, for example, five minutes. You can also do cardio according to the trainer’s instructions. Then increase the intensity every day.

Increasing exercise intensity will also train the heart so that the body gets used to it. Breathing and muscles are oriented so that you don’t feel “heavy” anymore to exercise later.

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