Dumbbell upright row

Dumbbell upright row exercises and avoid the dangers

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Dumbbell upright row
Upright row exercises can be an alternative for those just starting to do strength training. This type of exercise, also known as resistance, will be better if you combine it with regular cardio.

Dumbbell upright row exercises” – To make the arm muscles look more muscular and firm, you need to train the shoulder muscles (shoulder/deltoid muscle) with dumbbell upright row exercises. Shoulder muscles are one of the big muscles you must prepare properly to get good arm muscle results.

We have discussed dumbbells and how to train the front shoulder muscles using the dumbbell upright row. What do dumbbell upright rows look like? You can see the dumbbell upright row movement below.

Dumbbell upright row exercises

You can also replace the dumbbell upright row using a barbell upright row because the concept and purpose in doing the movement are no different. The following are the stages of implementing the dumbbell upright row:

Dumbbell upright row exercises
  • Stand up straight. Your back should be straight. Your eyes are facing forward
  • Both hands holding a pair of dumbbells
  • Lower the dumbbell position (parallel to the thigh)
  • Raise the dumbbells until they are in line with the shoulders
  • The elbow position should form 45 degrees
  • Repeat the movement again
  • Do 10-15 reps, 3-4 sets

You can use a weight that suits your ability to get a perfect movement. When doing dumbbell upright rows, only your hands are involved in swinging the dumbbells. Your body should not move because your shoulder muscles will not work optimally if your body moves.

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Therefore, you must choose the right load. Do not use weights that are too heavy, but you can’t lift perfectly. Use the right weight for you.

The dumbbell upright row is an easy movement you can do at home. You only need a pair of dumbbells to do this.

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Dumbbell upright row is a combination movement in fitness training. The dumbbell upright row trains the shoulder muscles, and your upper back muscles are also formed when doing this movement.

In addition, the dumbbell upright row also trains your side shoulder muscles. So this combination of dumbbell upright row exercises is good for you to apply to form several kinds of powers at once.

The vital part about Barbell upright row

Although this movement is one of the popular movements to train muscles at the time of fitness or the gym, you still have to be careful because this movement is one of the dangerous movements if not done correctly. The prolonged position of placing the shoulder and arm in an internally rotated position can severely injure the shoulder.

This exercise requires hard work with sufficient intensity to get a reasonable level. This fitness movement seems easy but is quite risky for injury. So that you avoid the possibility of damage, use light weights first to train the moves correctly, then gradually add the load.

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