Barbell upright row

Barbell upright row exercises and avoids the dangers

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Barbell upright row
The barbell upright row exercise is mandatory to build shoulder muscles on all sides. This exercise is highly recommended to be done as a closing exercise. This exercise will train the front, side, back, traps, and shoulder muscles.

Barbell upright row is one of the muscular shoulder posture exercises coveted by fitness practitioners. Shoulder muscles play an essential role in improving the appearance of a man as a whole. Because by having strong shoulder muscles, your posture will automatically look more manly.

Shoulder exercises are the most crucial part of all exercises for the upper body. Men have many goals by building shoulder muscles, such as increasing self-confidence to balance the body. Before the Barbell upright row exercise, you should first understand the structure of the shoulder muscles to optimize them.

The structure and use of the shoulder bones are divided into three types of bones, namely the collarbone (clavicle), the shoulder blade (scapula), and the upper arm bone (humerus) plus the connected muscles, namely tendons and ligaments.

These three bones make up the shoulder joint, the primary shoulder joint, and the glenohumeral joint. Usually, you can train the three main components of the shoulder muscles, namely the front shoulder (Anterior Deltoid), the middle shoulder (Middle Deltoid), and the back shoulder (Posterior Deltoid). Beyond it, there is also a rotator cuff (Rotator Cuff) located in muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder’s position.

Barbell upright row exercises

Providing intensive shoulder muscle training for each of these muscle parts will allow you to strengthen your shoulder abilities. And one of the recommended shoulder exercises for that purpose is the Barbell upright row. Even though it looks easy, you still have to get assistance from your fitness instructor. Here’s the procedure for doing the Barbell Upright Row exercise:

  • Hold the barbell where the position of the two handles is slightly closer than shoulder width. The barbell rests on the thighs, and the arms are slightly bent to the elbows. The body must be firm when running it. This attitude is the starting position in the Upright Row movement.
  • Next, exhale and use the sides of your shoulders to lift the barbell; lift your elbows up and to the side. Keep the barbell away from your body when lifting it. Continue lifting the barbell until it touches your chin. Elbows should be higher than your arms.
  • Lower the barbell slowly to the starting position. Take a breath as you work on it.
  • Repeat as recommended, namely 3 sets where each set is 6 to 8 repetitions.
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The vital part of Barbell’s upright row

Although this movement is one of the popular movements to train muscles at the time of fitness or the gym, you still have to be careful because this movement is one of the most dangerous movements if not done correctly. The prolonged position of placing the shoulder and arm in an internally rotated position can severely injure the shoulder.

This exercise requires hard work with sufficient intensity to get a reasonable level. This fitness movement seems easy but is quite risky for injury. So that you avoid the possibility of damage, use light weights first to train the moves correctly, then gradually add the load.

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