Get rid of lower back fat, upper back

Get rid of lower back fat, upper back, and middle back with 4 ways

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No belly fat does not mean being free from body fat piles. Some parts of the body unknowingly contain a lot of fat, such as the back. Check out what fat is on the back and how to get rid of lower back fat below.

What is back fat?

Fat on the back is a fold of body fat that is often unknown because it is difficult to see by the eye.

Get rid of lower back fat and upper back

Generally, a fatty back will be easier to pinch—the more fat deposits on the back, the more parts that you can pinch.

Back fat can usually accumulate in several different areas.

  • The fat upper back is at the back of the bra straps
  • In the middle back of the fat can be seen a crease near the back of the waist.
  • The bottom of the back has a pocket of excess fat above the back of the pants.

If you have trouble observing the accumulation of fat on your back, you can stand with a mirror behind you and hold the other mirror in your hand.

Stand up straight so your body line is visible to make it easier to see the size of the flat fold.

How to get rid of back fat?

Low-calorie diet

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One of the things you can try to lose back fat is to go on a low-calorie diet. This type of diet can indeed help eliminate fat throughout the body.

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However, you may not know which part will lose fat first.

However, it never hurts to eat high-protein, lean foods that are also rich in fiber to reduce fat, such as:

  • avocado,
  • boiled eggs,
  • green vegetable,
  • broccoli and cauliflower,
  • sweet potato,
  • salmon and tuna, and
  • lean chicken breast.

Some of the foods above can help lose weight and increase muscle growth if consumed as recommended.

You can eat lots of lean protein to promote muscle growth.

Strong back muscles can improve spinal posture and help reduce fat around it.

Exercises to tone the lower back

A healthy diet will not be enough to get rid of back fat. Add it to physical activity for better results.

However, you can not carelessly exercise when you want to focus on getting rid of lower back fat.

Some of the exercises below aim to tone the lower back muscles, the area where fat accumulates. You can do this exercise at the gym or home with minimal equipment.

  • Reverse hip raise with the exercise ball.
  • Side jackknife.
  • Superman.

Exercises for the upper back

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In addition to getting rid of lower back fat, you also need to train your upper back so that efforts to eliminate back fat get maximum results.

Generally, types of exercise that focus on upper back strength also affect the shoulders.

Exercises to tighten the shoulder muscles can reduce fat in the upper back.

Adding weight training and other types of exercise can also help you burn fat throughout the day.

Here are some types of exercises.

  • Lift weights with dumbbells.
  • Rowing.
  • Air boxing.
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If a low-calorie diet and exercise don’t work, there are several surgical and non-surgical things you can do to reduce fat.

Surgery to help with a fatty back includes:

  • liposuction,
  • laser lipolysis, or
  • cool sculpting.

Even so, there are various things to consider before choosing surgery, such as side effects, duration of rest, and costs.

Back fat does interfere with a person’s confidence. However, you can solve this problem in various ways, including knowing what caused it.

That way, you can find the right solution according to the conditions causing it so that your efforts are not in vain.

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