Stabbing pain in the left breast

Stabbing pain in the left breast is a dangerous sign of heart disease?

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Stabbing pain in the left breast can be caused by various factors, such as problems with the breast itself or disorders of the organs behind the left breast, such as the heart.

Stabbing pain in the left breast

Dealing with left breast pain can differ depending on the cause. Not only in adult women, but this condition can also occur in young women.

Maybe you often ask, why do I feel pain in my left breast? And how to solve it? Check out the answer here.

Do you have heart disease?

If you have a history of heart disease or risk factors for heart disease, you should be alert if you feel pain in your left breast.

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To make sure your heart is okay, you should see a doctor.

Most women do not realize they have a heart attack because the symptoms are vague.

However, in general, the symptoms of a heart attack include the following.

  • Breast pain (but not always).
  • Pain or pressure in the lower chest or upper abdomen.
  • Pain on Jaw, neck, or upper back.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Hard to breathe.
  • Faint.
  • Indigestion.
  • Tired.

Some causes of pain in the left boob

If you’ve determined that the stabbing pain in your left breast isn’t due to a heart condition, there are other causes you need to find out.

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In general, here are some causes of left breast pain that you may experience.

1. Breast injury

When your breasts are injured, the bruising and pain you feel may persist for a long time.

Sometimes, the injury can cause damage to the swollen fat glands in the breast and cause pain.

2. Breast surgery side effects

There are several side effects that you may experience after breast surgery, both for cosmetic and medical reasons.

One of them is pain in the left breast if this part of the breast gets surgery. In addition, you may experience symptoms such as a burning sensation and pain in the nipples.

3. Problems with the mammary glands

Infection or inflammation can occur in the milk glands of one breast. It can also cause left breast pain.

Problems may occur, such as mastitis, breast ectasia, and mold. In addition, lumps of breast cysts and fibroadenomas can also cause pain in the left breast.

4. Hormone Changes

Hormonal changes can also cause breast pain on the left or right. That is also known as cyclical mastalgia, breast pain associated with the menstrual cycle.

Launching the Johns Hopkins Medicine site, most women experience mastalgia during their fertile period, which continues until they enter their menstrual period.

5. Inflammatory breast cancer

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In general, pain in one or both breasts is not a symptom of breast cancer. Even so, one type of breast cancer begins with pain due to inflammation, namely inflammatory breast cancer.

Launching the National Cancer Institute website, inflammatory breast cancer is still rare. This condition can also be anticipated by regularly performing breast self-examination (BSE).

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6. Other problems around the breast

Stabbing pain in the left breast can result from problems with nearby organs, such as costochondritis, GERD, fibromyalgia, and pneumonia.

In addition to problems in other organs, stabbing pain in the left breast may be the influence of diseases on the surface of the skin, such as chicken pox, allergies, irritation, etc.

7. Incorrect bra

In addition to the problems mentioned above, stabbing pain in the left breast can also be caused by wearing the wrong bra.

Bra sizes that do not fit, for example, too tight, often cause pain and discomfort in the breasts. Especially if the size of the right and left breasts are not symmetrical, one of them will be more depressed by the bra.

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