Causes of breast itching

Causes of breast itching and the proper steps to overcome it

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Causes of breast itching may arise from several things, which is common in some women. But if the itching persists, it can cause embarrassment and discomfort in public.

Causes of breast itching

If the itching lasts long enough to spread to other body parts, it’s a good idea to contact your doctor quickly for further treatment. What are the causes of itchy breasts? And how to deal with it?

Various causes of itchy boobs

1. Using a bra too tight

Causes of breast itching usually occur because of the clothes or bra you wear. The fabric on the clothes used can cause an allergic reaction (contact dermatitis).

Breast women bra

Especially if you like to wear a bra or tight clothes, this can make the breasts moist, especially if you live in hot weather.

2. Chemical material

In addition to clothing and air temperature factors, chemicals such as perfume, lotion, or cream that directly hit the chest’s skin can also cause your breasts to feel itchy.

3. Changes in body hormones

Another thing that causes breast itching is the hormonal changes that usually occur before your period, including during pregnancy.

Sometimes, this itching is accompanied by breast swelling and pain when pressed. In some cases, breast itching is more likely to affect both breasts simultaneously.

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4. Mushroom on breast

Fungi are one of the causes of breast itching; one of the fungal diseases in the folds of the breast is intertriginous candidiasis.

Symptoms include a red rash that will appear along with itching. It takes antifungal drugs and antihistamines to relieve the symptoms of the disease.

5. Surgical scars

If you’ve had surgery on your breast, your surgical scars may be itchy. Itching around surgical scars is very common, even long after surgery.

How to deal with itchy breasts

Stabbing pain in the left breast

Change product

You can first try to change the soap, lotion, cream, or perfume you usually use daily. Try switching to products designed for sensitive skin.

Make sure to wash clothes clean.

After changing some products that trigger increased skin sensitivity, make sure that you wash and rinse clothes thoroughly. Also, use detergents or cleaning products for sensitive skin.

Choose a bra with soft material and absorb sweat.

Choosing and using a bra is advisable to select a bra made of soft fabric that absorbs sweat. Bras with foam or lace easily trigger itching on your breasts.

Also, try to take off and not use a bra while sleeping to make blood circulation in the breasts run smoothly.

Don’t scratch!

Who can resist scratching the itchy skin? Unfortunately, scratching is highly discouraged, especially when your breasts are itchy.

Scratching will cause the itch to spread to other parts and cause scars.

Instead of scratching, try pressing or rubbing the itchy breast area; it can soothe the itching without leaving red marks on the skin.

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Keep your body clean.

The most important thing to prevent and treat itchy breasts is to maintain cleanliness from the outside and inside the body. Prioritize always changing clothes and bathing twice a day.

Don’t forget to diligently clean all rooms, especially mattresses and bed linen, to prevent microorganisms from moving into the body.

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