full-body workout plan

The full-body workout plan makes you happy when you run it

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full-body workout plan
The full-body workout plan makes you happy when you run it/ source: pexels

The full-body workout plan is currently loved by workout activists, especially those who want a healthy and muscular body. Full-body workout plans are carried out until they reach their respective goals.

For example, a 7-day full-body workout is not spent every day exercising. One day after a full-body workout, you can restfully restore body and muscle strength. Do continuous exercise without stopping for one week.

7 Recommended Full-Body Workout plans

Nowadays, finding a full-body exercise program is easy. You can look it up on the internet or be taught by a personal trainer.

You can hire the services of a trainer to get direct guidance or read information from various sources. Some recommended full-body workout plans are fun and a little extra.

Full-Body Workout plan: Barbell bench press

Barbell bench press
7 Recommended Full-Body Workout plans/ source: pexels

This exercise requires the help of fitness equipment whose primary purpose is to train the muscles of the chest, triceps, and shoulders. The barbell bench press movement is carried out lying on the backbench with both legs bent. Ask your instructor to hand the barbell in the proper hand position.

Both hands must hold the barbell above the chest, lift the weight by trying all muscle strength and lower it towards the chest. This exercise effectively builds chest muscles significantly but must be supervised by a reliable instructor.

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Full-Body Workout plan: Barbell back squat

Barbell back squat
7 Recommended Full-Body Workout plans/ source: pexels

Have you ever done back squats before? What do you think about the barbell back squat?

This exercise may feel very enjoyable for those who routinely carry out a full-body workout plan. We recommend that you do this exercise for 3-4 sets with a count of up to 10 times per set.

The primary function of this exercise is to train the strength of the arm and leg muscles. Why is that? Movement by lifting the barbell is not only done by the hands. The leg area also moves up and down.

Full-Body Workout plan: Pull up

Pull up
7 Recommended Full-Body Workout plans/ source: pexels

Another workout that is suitable for a full-body plan is pull-ups. This exercise helps build many body muscles, including the biceps.

The pull-up movement, at first glance, looks simple and easy but requires coordination and stable strength.

Using the pull-up pole to support the body, please lift your body little by little.

Those who rarely exercise or are obese will generally have difficulty doing pull-ups. It takes regular practice for someone to be good at doing this.

Lying dumbbell hamstring curls

Lying dumbbell hamstring curls
7 Recommended Full-Body Workout plans/ source: pexels

This workout movement is unique and simple enough for female participants to follow easily. To perform this exercise, you must lie on your stomach with your elbows bent forward and the dumbbells between your legs.

What muscles are formed after doing this workout? The main muscles are the abdominal muscles, back, and hamstring muscles. Do the exercise several times until you master the movement, then increase the maximum workout results.

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Standing overhead press

After training your lower body muscle strength through lying dumbbell hamstring curls, continue with the standing overhead press. This workout helps prepare the triceps, anterior deltoid, etc.

Like any other full-body workout plan that uses heavy weights, ensure you do the standing overhead press perfectly. Mistakes in movement can trigger pulling in the muscles leading to injury.

Face pulls

Before arriving at the end of the exercise, you can try the face pulls to train the back or wing muscles. It cannot perform look removal independently without the use of flexible straps.

Pull the dance slowly until it touches the tip of your head. Repeat the face pulls for optimal results. When removing the rope, make sure your back muscles contract.

Drag curls

Drag curls

The next part is an exercise to build biceps by utilizing the weight of the barbell. Instead of lifting the barbell, try moving your elbows back. So that the body muscles are not surprised, it is better to choose a barbell with a lightweight.

You can adjust the weight of the barbell again once you’re sure it’s a perfect weight and you can handle it well. Do this drag curls exercise as many as 3-4 sets with a count of 8-10 times per set.

Tips Before Starting a Full Body Workout Plan

Many people want to have an athletic body for reasons of beauty. Others are interested in starting a full-body plan to get strong muscles. Whatever the reason, consider the following before beginning a full-body workout plan:

Tips Before Starting a Full Body Workout plan
Tips Before Starting a Full Body Workout plan/ source: pexels

Know your limits

Full body workout lets you use a variety of machines to maximize your workout results. Instead of choosing a tool with a heavy load, our advice is to choose one that can control the bag well.

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After choosing heavy equipment, continue with improving posture. Posture is critical when you follow the movement after a workout. Incorrect posture slows muscle development and increases the risk of injury.

Set the right workout goals

Instead of pushing your body to continue exercising non-stop for a month, please do it slowly and realistically. Make a perfect workout goal chart, so your workout doesn’t end in vain.

Those who have never done a full-body workout plan before can ask for advice or recommendations from more professional friends. You can also take advantage of the knowledge of the personal trainer you hire.

Workout consistently

Another thing you should also pay attention to is consistency. You can only reap the success of this plan when you work out consistently. Ironically, many people are only enthusiastic initially but tend to be slack after entering the middle or the end.

So that the workout you do can remain consistent, make sure to always take a complete rest one day after exercising. Rest without strenuous activities will restore your health, mood, and mental health. After a routine, your body will feel weird if you don’t exercise.

Ready to do a full-body workout plan? Of all the types of exercises we’ve recommended, which ones have you been doing? The workout requires mental and physical readiness to give maximum results. Choose the type of workout you like and balance it with the intensity of the time.

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