Back and bicep workouts

5 impressive combinations of back and bicep workouts

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Back and bicep workouts

Have you applied a good and correct combination of muscle training? Back and bicep workouts don’t just focus on one area.

Suppose previously, you only trained your back or only your biceps, then in this combination of exercises. In that case, you are also required to develop your triceps, chest muscles, or other types of forces.

Logically, doing a combination of muscle training is an innovative and wise move. With the same hours of exercise, your body will receive more optimal and comprehensive benefits. The possibility of increasing muscle mass is also greater.

Back and bicep workouts

1. Pull-ups

Best back exercises

The pull-up is a compound exercise involving large and small muscles, especially the latissimus dorsi (lat) and biceps. In addition to working the muscles simultaneously, this exercise will also operate several joints, such as the wrists and elbows, which keep moving during pull-ups. Therefore, pull-ups are considered one of the most effective back and bicep workouts to strengthen.

2. Seated Cable Row

Seated cable row is a back and bicep workout that will train the back muscles, especially the middle back. This exercise will also prepare the arm muscles, especially the biceps and triceps, which play a role in stabilizing the movement when doing seated cable rows. We need to keep our back straight to avoid the risk of injury and tense back muscles to do this exercise.

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3. Lat Pulldown

As the name suggests, this exercise’s lat pulldown is one of the best back and bicep workouts, especially the latissimus dorsi (lat) muscles. The latissimus dorsi (lat) is a large muscle located in the back. By doing this exercise, too, we can train the back muscles without weakening other forces, such as the biceps or triceps. Therefore, this exercise is excellent and is recommended to be included in a program to build back muscles (back day).

4. Incline Chest-Supported Row

The incline chest-supported row is the best back and bicep workout that will strengthen and increase the stability of your back and biceps. The targeted muscles to train are the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids, and biceps. Strong back muscles will certainly make it easier for us to carry out daily activities to improve posture. To strengthen and build back muscles using this exercise, do it consistently and with the correct technique, and add weight little by little.

5. Face Pull

The face pull is an exercise that targets the deltoid (shoulder), trapezius, and upper back muscles. Robert Herbst, a powerlifter world champion 19 times through verywellfit, also said that face pull exercises are excellent in helping to maintain shoulder and back muscles and forming a thicker upper back. This exercise will undoubtedly make it easier for us to carry out daily activities, especially those that use the strength of the shoulders and back.

Important things about back and bicep workout

So, if you are planning to become the strongest, you should keep an eye on these exercises. To build a lean and muscular body, it is also essential to focus on nutrition.

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Without proper nutrition, you will find it difficult to recover quickly, and the land will fall apart, such as muscle loss, slow recovery, slow muscle development or even injury.

If you want to build more muscular arms and back and biceps, then you need to work on it the best way possible. And the best way to train is to work every muscle of the arms and back. Many people do not focus on their form during exercise. If you don’t focus on the exercise program, then, of course, you’ll be able to do more repetitions, rendering your previous workouts meaningless.

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