adolescent egocentrism

Recognize adolescent egocentrism and its dangers for children

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adolescent egocentrism
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Adolescent egocentrism is a person’s unwillingness to see a condition from another person’s point of view. That causes him to fail to conclude what other people think, feel, and see. The nature of egocentrism tends to be founded in children to teenagers. In adults, it is easier to adjust and correct their views if they are not following the environment’s conditions and relationships with other people. But even so, there may be some other adults who can also have egocentrism.

Egocentrism is equated with a narcissistic personality, but the two have differences. Like narcissism, people with egocentrism argue that they are the centre of attention and only what their thoughts are essential. But what distinguishes the nature of selfishness is that they do not need the recognition of others for their views and opinions.

In addition, adolescent egocentrism with egoism also has differences that you should know. If egoism is a self-centred attitude, looking for self-interest selfishness without paying attention to others around them, sometimes it even tends to negate. Meanwhile, egocentrism is a trait that makes them the centre of attention, and They do everything they can to get what they want.

Causes of adolescent egocentrism

Then what is the cause of adolescent egocentrism that can appear in a person? Several factors cause the emergence of egocentrism, including:

1. Fear

Most people are selfish because they are afraid of other people. Fear of rejection/abandonment. This fear is finally embedded in them, causing them to be afraid to socialize with others, but they do not become antisocial personalities. They end up only caring about themselves.

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2. Spoiled Attitude

Without realizing it, the attitude of parents who are too pampering, protecting, and giving everything to children can cause children to develop into selfish psychological effects of other unwanted children. There are several reasons why parents sometimes spoil their children.

  • Parents want to prevent discomfort and are encouraged to fulfill their child’s wishes
  • Parents have a childhood that is completely deprived so they don’t want their children to experience the same thing
  • Parents used to not expect children so they would feel guilty and cause an overreaction in educating children
adolescent egocentrism
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The condition of this child who is too spoiled eventually creates a feeling of intolerance, selfishness, and inability to overcome problems. They only care about themselves without caring about others.

3. Immature Personality

Most teenagers do not have mature personalities sometimes. The cause can be retardation disorders, learning disorders, and speech disorders. Children become selfish because they have not learned about caring for others, and they are not yet motivated to learn to understand how other people feel.

The Effect of Egocentrism

There are several impacts of selfish attitude on the development of adolescent life. The following are some of the effects of egocentrism that need to consider.

  • Making teenagers finally become individuals who have narrow views and are unable to think broadly
  • Encouraging to be an individual who is easily greedy and greedy for his own interests is not even limited
  • Often make other people as objects or tools used to fulfill personal interests
  • Make yourself too busy with yourself and your interests
  • Disrupt social life, both harmony, unity and unity
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In addition, egocentrism also causes the brain to become undeveloped. Moreover, adolescence is a golden period where good brain development is significant. So it is miserable if this kind of selfish attitude maintains until adulthood.

Of course, this attitude of egocentrism can harm the development of adolescent life. How to eliminate selfishness, of course, requires a vital role from parents in accompanying and giving advice. Sometimes who can inherit desire from parents who also behave selfishly? Parents become models and examples for their children, so they should be good examples.

In addition, teenagers need to start having a more open mind pattern. He is more caring and does not think of himself as a better person than others. Be humble to others around you. So that was the effect of egocentrism on teenagers. Hopefully, the above information can be helpful for you.

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