best food for stopping diarrhea

Variety of foods to stop diarrhea

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The best food for stopping diarrhea you can find easily, and even the food you usually eat daily is one of them.

best food for stopping diarrhea

When you have diarrhea, you will feel continuous heartburn followed by a strong urge to defecate more often than usual. It isn’t enjoyable. So, find out more about the best foods to restore the body’s condition during diarrhea.

Nine best foods for diarrhea

The cause of diarrhea is generally due to infection in the digestive system due to contamination of food that is doubtful of cleanliness.

Infected intestines cannot work optimally to absorb nutrients and fluids from food. As a result, the remaining food that must be disposed of in the form of feces will have a liquid texture.

To stop diarrhea at home, you must be extra careful with your food intake.

To avoid being careless, see below the list of the best foods to eat during diarrhea for a speedy recovery.

1. Bland food

One of the best food for stopping diarrhea is bland food. Do not eat spicy or strongly spiced foods so that the symptoms of diarrhea do not get worse.

Spices like chili, garlic, or pepper and flavor-enhancing spices like salt, lemon, coconut milk, and vinegar can irritate your stomach even more.

Well, the types of foods that are recommended for people with diarrhea are those that taste bland or bland.

The best choice for you is white bread. The bland taste of bread will not trigger nausea when eaten.

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Food for diarrhea is also smooth textured, and digested quickly, so it is suitable for the digestive system experiencing inflammation.

2. Soupy food

Diarrhea is prone to making the body lose a lot of fluids because you will continue to defecate.

If lost body fluids are not replaced immediately, you risk becoming dehydrated. Dehydration from diarrhea can be life-threatening if left untreated.

To avoid this risk, you should drink more water. Replacing lost body fluids is best with eight glasses of water per day.

Don’t forget to drink a glass of water after every bowel movement immediately.

You can alternate drinking water with other fluids such as ORS, isotonic drinks, water-rich fruit, and clear spinach soup.

Chicken soup with carrots and potatoes is an excellent food to eat when you have diarrhea because it is easier for the stomach to digest than solid food.

Eating soup can also recharge energy while replenishing the body’s fluid needs.

3. Rice porridge

When diarrhea, you should avoid foods high in fiber to soothe your troubled intestines.

Foods high in fiber for digestion will further complicate the work of the infected intestine, thus worsening the symptoms of diarrhea.

Fiber will produce gas when processed by bacteria that live in the intestines. Accumulation of gas in the stomach can trigger bloating and farting.

Choose foods high in carbohydrates but low in fiber, such as rice porridge, to relieve diarrhea symptoms.

Rice porridge is easy to digest, so the intestines don’t have to work hard to process it into glucose (blood sugar).

4. Fruits

When diarrhea, you should not eat many foods containing high fiber. However, some fruits are good for diarrhea.

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Two of the fruits that are the best food for stopping diarrhea are bananas and apples. Both contain pectin, a type of water-soluble fiber that helps compact feces.

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Meanwhile, combining carbohydrates and sugar in bananas and apples will increase stamina.

Given that diarrhea can cause symptoms of frequent bowel movements, these two fruits can be a solution to fill the energy that has been wasted.

What’s more, bananas contain potassium which can help replace the body’s electrolytes that are lost due to wasting water.

To make it easier for the stomach to digest, eat apples or bananas in a dish mashed into porridge.

5. Carrots, green beans, and beets

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Consumption of vegetables can replenish essential nutrients lost when you have diarrhea. Some examples of vegetables that are safe and good for consumption during diarrhea are carrots, green beans, and beets.

Remember, not all vegetables are suitable for people with diarrhea. One of the taboo foods for diarrhea is vegetables that can cause gas, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and peppers.

These vegetables are classified as high in fiber, making the digestive system work harder. As a result, diarrhea lasts for days and heals longer.

6. Foods high in probiotics

one more thing, the best food for stopping diarrhea is a food source of probiotics. Very good for consumption because it helps overcome diarrhea. Probiotics are good bacteria that are healthy for your digestive system.


Bacteria that are good for the intestines can quickly replace the good bacteria that are excreted with feces due to constant defecation.

In addition, the intake of probiotics improves intestinal function in absorbing fluids.

An example of good probiotic food for diarrhea is yogurt. Choose low-sugar yogurt without any added flavors.

Artificial sweeteners have a laxative-like effect, so you go back and forth more often. As a result, diarrhea can get worse.

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7. Steamed meat

Meat is a food source of protein which is the best food for stopping diarrhea.

The choice of meat that you can eat when you have diarrhea is beef, chicken, or steamed fish.

Red meat

During diarrhea, do not cook meat by frying or grilling it using coconut milk and spices.

The diet contains a lot of fat and oil, which makes diarrhea worse.

Not only that, fatty and oily foods also slow down gastric emptying, making you experience flatulence.

These foods also interfere with the absorption of diarrhea medicine by the body.

8. Egg

Eating eggs will help slow down bowel movements and help the patient recover more quickly from diarrhea. Eggs are also suitable as food for toddlers.

Cooked eggs are also easier to digest, even if the stomach is experiencing diarrhea. So, a person can eat boiled eggs while having diarrhea, as long as they are not allergic to eggs.

Cooking eggs also reduces the chances of Salmonella bacterial infection. Cooked protein will generally help avoid flatulence.

As food for diarrhea, you should choose processed boiled eggs or omelets.

9. Oatmeal

Lastly, the best food for stopping diarrhea is oatmeal. The soluble fiber in oatmeal can help bind your stool and reduce bowel movements.

Oatmeal is ideal as a food for adult diarrhea. Not only because of its bland taste but also its fiber content.

The soluble fiber in oatmeal absorbs water in your digestive tract to help increase stool density and prevent complications from severe diarrhea.

Remember that eating the wrong foods when you have diarrhea is at risk of worsening the work of a weak intestine and potentially further irritating the intestines.

Eating carelessly, especially those whose cleanliness is not guaranteed, can exacerbate diarrhea symptoms and slow the body’s recovery process.

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