First aid for asthma attacks

6 Steps of Asthma attack first aid to avoid complications

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An asthma attack occurs when asthma symptoms appear suddenly and worsen quickly. This condition can lead to dangerous and life-threatening complications. Asthma attack first aid can help prevent this condition from worsening.

First aid for asthma attacks

First aid for asthma attacks

Asthma attacks can occur anytime and anywhere. That’s why, if you or someone around you suddenly has an asthma attack, it’s important to know the first aid measures such as the following.

1. Stop activity

One form of Asthma attack first aid that appears suddenly in the middle of an activity is to stop to calm down immediately.

Sudden shortness of breath can indeed cause panic. However, try to divert your mind because panic will only make it harder for you to breathe.

2. Stay away from the crowd.

If an asthma attack occurs when you are in a crowd, the first aid that you can do is to find a quiet place to calm down.

Forcing yourself to be in a crowded place will only make you more panicked and stressed. This condition worsens the attacks you feel.

If possible, find a flat place to sit, then loosen up your pants or skirt and unbutton a few buttons on your shirt.

3. Breathe slowly

Asthma symptoms are often debilitating because they make the breath feel shallower, faster, and unstable. Therefore, try to catch your breath slowly after you have calmed yourself down.

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Relax your shoulder and neck muscles, inhale through your nose and hold it for a few seconds. After that, purse your lips and exhale slowly through your mouth.

Repeat this breathing technique slowly until the rhythm of your breathing becomes more regular.

4. Immediately use emergency medicine

Asthma attacks can happen anytime and anywhere. Therefore, you should always be ready to bring emergency medicine for first aid to overcome an asthma attack.

After sitting down and calming yourself down, immediately use your asthma medication or breathing apparatus, such as the inhaler you brought with you. Do not forget to shake the inhaler tube several times to mix the medicine evenly.

Spray once into your mouth and take four deep breaths. Allow at least a minute between puffs if you feel the need to use more than one puff.

If done properly, this method effectively makes your breath deeper and prevents asthma from getting worse.

5. Avoid asthma triggers

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Asthma attacks can suddenly appear if you are exposed to asthma-triggering factors, such as dust, animal dander, cigarette smoke, perfume, or chemicals in cosmetic products.

If you are sensitive to these things, you should immediately stay away from the trigger. If the trigger factor for your asthma is cigarette smoke, try to avoid people who smoke.

Immediately get fresh air so that the smoke is not inhaled more. If you are allergic or sensitive to air or dust, move to a free room.

If you don’t do this immediately, asthma attacks can get worse.

6. Asking for help

If the above methods do not relieve symptoms or overcome asthma attacks, you should immediately seek help from those around you.

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Ask people around you to call health workers and an ambulance so you can treat your asthma quickly. It is also to prevent complications of asthma.

How do you prevent asthma attacks from recurring?

The single best way to prevent an asthma attack is to make sure your asthma is well controlled from the start.

You can do it by following an action plan and written instructions prepared with your doctor to monitor symptoms and determine the best asthma treatment for your condition.

An asthma action plan generally contains a telephone number to call, asthma triggers, signs and symptoms of asthma, and medications needed.

Asthma attacks can recur anytime and anywhere. Therefore, always carry the special note sheet and asthma medication wherever you go.

Place them both in a clear and transparent container so that they are easier to find whenever you need them.

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