Foods that cause body odor

6 Foods That Cause Body Odor You Didn’t Expect Before!

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Foods that cause body odor certainly make you feel uncomfortable with the surrounding environment. Of course, this can make you feel inferior. To overcome this body odor, you can control the food you consume. The reason is that some foods can indeed be the cause of body odor.

So, what foods can cause body odor? Find out the info through the following reviews.

Foods that cause body odor

Foods that cause body odor

The sweat that comes out of the body does not have a strong odor.

However, an unpleasant body odor will appear when sweat reacts with bacteria on the skin’s surface.

So, what does that have to do with food? Certain foods you eat can temporarily affect your body odor.

If you’re sweating, these odor-causing foods can further strengthen the unpleasant odor of your body.

Therefore, controlling the food you eat can help overcome bad body odor.

So, what types of food can cause bad body odor? Here’s a list of foods that cause body odor that you need to know.

1. Garlic

The basic spices always present in every food cause body odor to become less pleasant.

It is because garlic has a substance called allicin. This substance scientifically does have good benefits for health.

But unfortunately, this substance can cause bad breath and affect the smell of your sweat, causing unpleasant body odor.

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2. Onions

Besides garlic, another food that has the potential to cause body odor is onions.

The body’s reaction to onions is similar to when you eat garlic.

When processing onions, the body produces compounds that resemble sulfur.

These compounds cause foul body odor, especially when you sweat.

3. Red meat

Red meat

Although delicious, eating red meat can also make your body smell bad.

The amino acids in red meat leave residue (dregs) in your intestines during the digestive process.

Intestinal enzymes then break down the residue. The products of this breakdown mix with bacteria on your skin when you sweat, causing lousy body odor.

4. Cruciferous vegetables

Vegetables belonging to the cruciferous group, such as broccoli, cabbage, and cabbage, include foods that cause body odor.

This type of vegetable contains sulfur which will be absorbed by the body and excreted in the form of sweat to affect your body odor.

Launching the Next Avenue page, your body odor can usually change for the worse after an hour of eating this type of food.

5. Seafood


Some types of seafood or seafood can also cause unpleasant body odor if consumed in excess.

However, not everyone who eats seafood will experience body odor.

Usually, this condition is found in people with metabolic disorders, such as trimethylaminuria.

Trimethylaminuria is a disorder that causes the body not correctly to process the chemical compounds in seafood.

As a result, your body odor becomes fishy like fish.

6. Alcoholic drinks

In addition to food, alcoholic beverages can cause body odor when consumed in excess. Why is that?

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The human body processes alcohol into acetate, which has a relatively strong odor.

The more alcohol you drink, the higher the acetate levels in the body.

The acetate can affect your body odor. So, the more alcohol you drink, the more your body will smell.

In addition, alcohol can cause a decrease in the good bacteria in the mouth. It makes your mouth smell bad.

Less consumption of green vegetables can cause body odor

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If cruciferous vegetables cause body odor, green vegetables are classified as foods that can reduce body odor. How could that be?

Eating green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, can refresh the body and prevent body odor.

So, if your body smells bad, this might be due to a lack of green vegetables.

You can add green vegetables when eating foods that cause body odor to work around this.

For example, when you eat meat, you can add spinach to your cooking to reduce the unpleasant effects of the flesh.

That way, you can reduce the risk of body odor due to certain foods.

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